HawkEye360 to Deliver Large Data Files Over LEO Satellites using BitRipple Technology

by | Jan 20, 2022

BitRipple Inc., a provider of Metaverse solutions that enable end-to-end delivery of data with ultra-low latency across all types of challenging network environments, today announced that its Liquid Networking Technology is being deployed by HawkEye 360 to efficiently deliver large volumes of data over LEO satellites. The data may be delivered with no backchannel from the ground units to the satellites, enabling secure and reliable delivery.

BitRipple's technology enables large data packages to be transferred efficiently and error free from LEO satellites to ground units, said Chris Gregory, Vice President of Engineering of HawkEye 360. Even over unidirectional channels in extremely difficult network conditions, BitRipple can optimally deliver the data reliably and securely.

BitRipple's Liquid Networking Technology intelligently transforms data into the digital equivalent of a liquid, thus eliminating the delivery limitations inherent in all networks, especially when large data volumes need to be delivered with ultra-low latency. These characteristics make the technology particularly valuable to the Metaverse where real-time volumetric experiences are required, but not always possible with traditional networks. Liquid Networking is deployed at the application layer with very low CPU and bandwidth overhead.

HawkEye 360's LEO satellite delivery is one of many applications for which BitRipple's Liquid Networking technology is well suited, said Mike Luby, CEO of BitRipple. The ability of our technology to consistently and efficiently deliver latency sensitive volumetric data makes it critical to a variety of applications including LEO satellite delivery, immersive multiplayer gaming, and augmented/virtual reality over wireless networks.

BitRipple technology is currently deployed by customers in government & defense, streaming video, automotive, space communications, and other industries where network limitations present significant challenges to user experience, efficiency, and security associated with data delivery.

HawkEye 360 operates the first-of-its-kind commercial satellite constellation to map radio waves and deliver a new source of global knowledge based on radio frequency geospatial intelligence.

About BitRipple:
BitRipple software communication solutions enable Metaverse applications to deliver large volumes of data in real-time with ultra-low latency between geographically distributed endpoints over all types of networks in challenging environments. BitRipple's Liquid Networking Technology is used in a variety of applications where communications require delivery of massive volumes of data at high-speed and with ultra-low latency, including Metaverse, government & defense, automotive, streaming video, and space communications. For more information on BitRipple and how Liquid Networking works, please visit http://www.bitripple.com.


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