HawkEye 360 Engineer Earns INSA Achievement Award

by | Feb 19, 2021

HERNDON, Va.- HawkEye 360 Inc., the first commercial company to use formation-flying satellites to create a new class of radio frequency (RF) data and data analytics, today announced that its Principal Engineer for Algorithms, Darek Kawamoto, has been honored with the Edwin H. Land Industry Award by the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA).

The award, named for the Cold War-era pioneer of photographic intelligence-gathering technology, recognizes an early-to-mid career contractor or nongovernment employee for excellent contributions to the intelligence, homeland security or national security community.

“Darek’s demonstrated leadership and awe-inspiring ingenuity embody the pioneering spirt of Edwin H. Land,” said INSA President Suzanne Wilson Heckenberg. “He is passionate, principled, and a true rising star in our community.”

Darek is an inventor behind two of HawkEye 360’s patents. The technology converts RF signals gathered from space into categorized, geolocated signal data, which drive meaningful insights for government customers across a wide degree of subject areas.

Thanks to Darek’s contributions, government defense, intelligence, and security analysts can leverage a newly created class of commercial, unclassified RF geospatial intelligence in tandem with traditional forms of GEOINT. HawkEye 360 insights are also used by a variety of environmental and humanitarian organizations across the globe.

“This award is exceptionally well-deserved and emblematic of the high-quality work Darek produces for HawkEye 360 and our customers,” said HawkEye 360 CEO John Serafini. “We value him not just for his superb technical abilities but for his persistence, innovativeness, and commitment to team success. He is an incredible asset for HawkEye 360 and, as this award suggests, for the nation.”

INSA will honor Darek and five other achievement award honorees at a February 17th virtual event, at which NGA Deputy Director Dr. Stacey Dixon will deliver a keynote address.

For more information about capabilities of the HawkEye 360 satellite constellation, please visit he360.com.

About HawkEye 360

HawkEye 360 is delivering a revolutionary source of global knowledge based on radio frequency (RF) geospatial intelligence to those working to make the world a safer place. The company operates the first-of-its-kind commercial satellite constellation to detect, characterize, and geolocate a broad range of RF signals. This unique RF data and analytics equip our global customers with high-impact insights needed to make decisions with confidence. HawkEye 360 is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia.


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