GovPilot Partners with Pictometry International to Offer a More Robust Geographic Information System

by | Jun 21, 2016

HOBOKEN, N.J. – GovPilot has partnered with aerial measurement software manufacturer, Pictometry International Corp, to expand the capabilities of its popular geographic information system (GIS) map feature.

In its standard form, GovPilot’s GIS feature illustrates layers of tax assessment data aggregated from state and county records over a Google base map. Many clients choose to add custom layers that harness information from internal databases. Displayed on the municipal website, the public-facing maps become a reliable source of information for citizens curious about their town’s real estate market, public transportation depots and other aspects of civic life.

Madison County, New York is one such municipality. The county subscribed to both GovPilot and Pictometry International’s aerial measurement software until Database Coordinator, Michael B. Ellis, proposed that the two software manufacturers join forces.

The collaboration has resulted in a GIS map featuring aerial and historical views of all parcels in addition to street views and a wealth of pre-loaded and custom visualized datasets.

As Ellis explains, “Madison County was a satisfied Pictometry International customer for many years. After watching [GovPilot Director of Sales] James Delmonico demonstrate GovPilot’s capabilities, I knew that the county needed GovPilot as well. Both GovPilot and Pictometry offer unique ways to present actionable insights. They are a perfect match so I introduced them. I’m glad the partnership worked-out. This collaboration has limitless potential.”

GovPilot founder and CEO, Michael Bonner, also has high hopes for the partnership, stating, “Our map feature’s ease of use has truly democratized GIS. GovPilot’s next goal was to expand GIS’ capabilities and our synergy with Pictometry has achieved that. I am excited to see what GIS can do in a few years’ time.”

Since its debut, GovPilot’s GIS map has become one of the company’s most renowned offerings, receiving the endorsement of civic-minded non-profits and appearing on the municipal websites of cities across the United States. Those interested in learning more can schedule a demonstration of the feature’s capabilities through GovPilot’s website.

About GovPilot

GovPilot is a web-based Management Platform developed exclusively for local government.  GovPilot is designed to optimize workflow and revenue streams by replacing antiquated paper processes with digital automation. GovPilot unifies fragmented data and communication between employees and departments, thereby promoting informed decision-making. The platform offers over 100 templated processes which can be used by a variety of departments and divisions. These processes can be used “off the shelf” or can be modified to a department’s specifications. GovPilot offers unlimited users, with ability manage and share critical data 24/7, whether from the office, the field or home.

About Pictometry International

Founded in 2000, Pictometry International is an aerial measurement company. It develops software that uses three-dimensional aerial photographs to view high-resolution images of parcels in their entirety.

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