Geospatial Data Firm Tamoco to Offer Its Precise Location Datasets on Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform

by | Aug 12, 2021

NEW YORK Narrative, the Data Streaming Platform that makes it easy to buy, sell and win, today announced its partnership with geospatial data firm Tamoco to make its accurate location data available to users of the Narrative platform.

Tamoco provides precise location data to clients in various industries, including finance and investment, marketing and advertising, retail and real estate, academia, research, and planning & strategy. Its leading ML algorithm location technology provides accurate and reliable location data without compromising user privacy.

“This partnership represents a fantastic opportunity for Narrative customers to get access to industry-leading location data from a pool of over 200m devices,” said Sam Amrani, Founder and Executive Chairman for Tamoco. “Data is a fundamental part of making smarter decisions and creates a powerful understanding of what is happening in the real world. We’re thrilled to work closely with Narrative to deliver our geospatial data to customers via Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform.”

Geospatial data analysis is the process in which users collect, display, and manipulate data like imagery, satellite photographs, business, and historical data. The aim is to offer this vast amount of information in a spatial or geo-centric context.

Tamoco’s GeoData is a feed of real-time, accurate location data anonymized for instant access. It can be used in raw form or attributed to POIs for insights into a number of areas, for example:

–  Measuring the number of consumers entering a store or shopping area on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis;
–  Consumer spending patterns, and
–  Broader consumer behavior insights.

“It’s fantastic to partner with Tamoco to give our users access to its geo-specific data,” said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. “Narrative users can get location data from devices like smartphones and tablets, or physical structures like buildings, malls, and entertainment attractions. We’re excited about working with Tamoco to offer our customers fast, accurate, transparent access to Tamoco’s real-time data to help businesses get a far more accurate picture of the geographic positions of their data.”

Marketers and businesses can access the Tamoco consumer data sets on Narrative’s Data Streaming Platform at

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About Tamoco

Tamoco is an award-winning geospatial company that is making the power of location accessible for all. Its suite of location products solves problems across several industries such as marketing, advertising, real estate, and retail. Tamoco’s goal is to make location data more secure, more accurate, and more powerful via our suite of derivative location-based products.

SOURCE Narrative I/O, Inc.


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