GDU Revolutionizes Drone Industry with Universal Flying Platform Gimbal Line

by | Jan 6, 2017

LAS VEGAS ” GDU, the leading consumer drone manufacturer focusing on power and portability, today officially launched a new line of interchangeable camera gimbals for different needs and specific uses. Not only was GDU (then named ProDrone) the first manufacturer to release a folding drone, but now the company continues its drone pioneering by being the first to create new modular gimbals. For the first time, modularity becomes the top market differentiator and creates an industry where one drone can be easily customized to fit the needs of the vast majority of users, including professional photographers/videographers and commercial industrial users. Also being launched is the new GDU Byrd Premium 2.0 with an increased integrated video transmission distance of 2000 meters.


¢First company to launch a folding drone
¢Launch of world’s first and largest series of modular drone gimbals
¢Launch of new GDU Byrd Premium 2.0 drone “ now with 2000m transmission distance
¢Innovation leader in the consumer, prosumer and industrial drone market
¢Products shown at booth #25417 at CES in Las Vegas

The Universal Flying Platform and all the new gimbals will be showcased at booth # 25417 in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. A special showcase for media and dealers will be presented at the booth on January 5th at 10:45AM to show the new gimbals in action for the first time. In addition, a senior spokesperson from Qualcomm will be in attendance to discuss Qualcomm’s new collaboration with GDU on future drone developments.

The new line of products will be available for purchase from dealers and the GDU Amazon store starting Q1 2017. The Byrd Universal Flying Platform camera gimbal line consists of the following:
¢Byrd X ILDC Gimbal “ the DSLR and mirrorless universal gimbal. Power on/off, define angle, picture capture and zooming capability. Initially offered at $169.00.
¢Byrd X 10 Times Zoom Camera Gimbal “ the 4K, 10X zoom camera and gimbal. Ten-times zooming camera with small size and simple operation that shoots remote and close sceneries with the function of one-button automatic focus, manual zooming, 10X optic zooming and 2X digital zooming. Initially offered at $999.00.
¢Byrd X Stretching Gimbal “ the first one-key stretching gimbal. It can automatically stretch when the drone takes off, and automatically pack up when returning. It can freely shoot without obstructing any angle. The stretching gimbal can carry all the same type of GDU gimbal/camera options. Initially offered at $419.00.
¢Byrd X Infrared Camera (Resolution: 640*480) “ the GDU developed infrared camera can measure heat accurately, even under little to no light, to recover an accurate image analysis. As the flying temperature monitor control standard, it has been widely applied in the industrial and consumer field; such as agricultural management, outdoor exploration, fire hazard monitoring, search & rescue, and so on. Recommended at $5,299.00 – volume pricing available.
¢Byrd Premium 2.0 “ an upgrade to the revolutionary Byrd Premium platform with an increased integrated video transmission distance of 2000 meters. Initially offered at $1,049.00.

“GDU has truly changed the game with this new line of camera gimbals,” stated Nicolia Wiles, GDU Director of Digital. “No longer will drone users need to purchase multiple drones to complete different jobs “ from aerial photography and videography, to construction monitoring to search and rescue “ the new Byrd Universal Flying Platform can handle everything.”

For more information on where to purchase and product specs, visit

¢ Media Kit (photos, videos, spec sheets)
¢ Tutorial video
¢ Quality control and testing video

About GDU

GDU, formerly known as ProDrone, created the first consumer UAV that folded up easily into the size of a backpack, without sacrificing any performance. We also created the first interchangeable camera gimbals. GDU is transforming the industry through truly innovative ideas that consumers want. What makes us different is aside from our focus on comprehensive research, development, design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles, we offer concierge-style customer service, which addresses the number one complaint from consumers regarding consumer UAVs of all brands. All Byrd models are ruthlessly tested in the world’s harshest climates to guarantee unconditional quality.


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