Every Day is Earth Day at MAPS.COM

by | Apr 27, 2021

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.Earth Day, an event with a history that takes us back to 1969 and the devastating oil spill in the Santa Barbara Channel, is now an annual event celebrated around the world.  Celebrating over fifty years of increasing awareness and education, Earth Day is now a call to action.  Where have we been, where are we now, and where (as a species) are we going are questions the team at Maps.com is focused on daily.  To raise awareness and acknowledge the impact of our lifestyle on climate, Maps.com (https://www.maps.com) has developed several infographics (Why Scientists Study Icebergs, Why Does Renewable Energy Matter) and a poster “Antarctic Iceberg Tracks 1977-2017” to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on our environment.

“A core MAPS.COM value is making the world a better place. One of the keys to accomplishing that value is through our Earth Day efforts, which MAPS.COM has participated in since its founding here in Santa Barbara in 1991,” said John Glanville, CEO & President of MAPS.COM.

“MAPS.COM is an active participant in local and international Earth Day events, including sponsorship of the Community Environmental Council Earth Day 2021 events,” he said. (https://cecsb.org/events/cecs-2021-virtual-earth-day-festival)

As part of its effort to educate and inform the community and the public at large about the impact of climate change, Maps.com has a dedicated Earth Day page on its web site (https://www.maps.com/pages/earth-day-2021).  MAPS.COM also provides downloadable maps and infographics with topics relevant to today’s Earth Day theme of “Restore Our Earth”. (maps and infographics included with this release).

MAPS.COM also raises Earth Day awareness through its active involvement with thousands of schools across the United States.  MAPS.COM publishes the weekly “Geography News Network,” providing current topical information to students, teachers, parents, and those with an urge to learn, all with the perspective of “where”.  (https://www.maps.com/pages/education-geography-news-network)

Once again, MAPS.COM is proud to participate with its “TWO PERCENT to the GOOD” program that supports environmental and education efforts locally.  “Its one thing to talk the talk, and quite another to walk the walk”, said Glanville.  “I am proud to say we have 100% involvement of the team at MAPS.COM in causes to protect the environment and raise awareness of climate change.”

This Earth Day 2021, MAPS.COM is providing a free downloadable version of its “Antarctic Iceberg Map 1977-2017” along with two infographics, “Icebergs” and “Why Renewable Energy Matters” on its dedicated Earth Day 2021 page. (https://www.maps.com/pages/earth-day-2021)

Maps are one of the best ways to understand our world, environment, and climate.  Seeing how interconnected we are makes finding a global solution to restore our Earth all the more likely.

MAPS.COM encourages everyone to participate in Earth Day this year in finding a personal way to help restore the planet.

MAPS.COM is a recognized leader in the development and delivery of geographic information services and content to business, education, and consumers.  MAPS.COM is a solutions provider working at the intersection of location and analytics, providing answers that change customers’ understanding of geography and their world.  Learn more at MAPS.COM (https://www.maps.com).

See: https://www.maps.com/pages/earth-day-2021


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