European Space Imaging Awarded €20.5 million Agriculture Framework Contract by European Commission

by | Feb 5, 2021

Leveraging their high success rate from previous years, European Space Imaging has been awarded a fourth multi-year agriculture framework contract to deliver an estimated 1.2 million square kilometres of Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery and associated services in support of the European Commission's (EC) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

This exclusive framework contract between the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and European Space Imaging relies on the delivery of VHR satellite imagery to the European Union Member States with a minimum 95% success rate according to defined image profiles and associated planning activity, in support to on-the-spot checks (OTSC's) and to the Land Parcel Identification System Quality Assurance (LPIS QA) of the CAP.

We have been participating in this framework since 2004 and have proven to be a reliable data supplier delivering close to or equal to 100% success rate year on year said Adrian Zevenbergen, Managing Director at European Space Imaging. We are proud to once again be awarded this exclusive contract to assist the EU Member States in assisting the CAP programme to achieve sustainable agriculture for the success of Europe.

The contract has an estimated total value of 20.5 million EUR over a period of up to 4 years and will be carried out by European Space Imaging in collaboration with its technology partner GAF AG and in close cooperation with the satellite operators Maxar TechnologiesSatellogic and SI Imaging Services (SIIS).

Through our innovative partnerships, we coordinate collections across a constellation of satellite sensors using a combination of direct and indirect tasking said Dr. Melanie Rankl, Project Manager at European Space Imaging. With an increasing number of missions available in the near future, we are in a unique position to offer transparent and efficient management of future multi-mission campaigns for the EU.

The introduction of satellite remote sensing and GIS into the CAP checks results from a long and close collaboration between the Directorate-General for Agriculture (DG Agri) and JRC that started 20 years ago. Since this time, DG Agri has promoted the use of VHR data within the ˜Control with Remote Sensing' (CwRS) as an appropriate control system suitable for checking whether or not financial aid is granted correctly.


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