Euclideon’s udCloud Partnership with Microsoft Azure Creates Largest Geospatial Data Platform

by | Sep 9, 2021

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. – An exciting new geospatial industry technology platform, Euclideon udCloud powered by Microsoft Azure, has solved two major industry issues, that of managing 3D data size/scale and processing speed, delivering massive data sets, visualized, and shared in Unlimited Detail in seconds.

Euclideon Global Sales Director, Kristian Wares, said, The geospatial industry is one of the fastest growing sectors globally. New technological advancements are delivering interactive insights that were not possible even a decade ago, where 3D is being overlaid with other datasets to create 4D and embedded with other technologies such as Augmented Reality for improved production line manufacturing.

“Advanced geospatial analytics has become ingrained in countless sectors including surveying, engineering, mining, oil & gas, archaeology, defence, urban planning, logistics, transportation, and government services.

‘This rapid growth is creating stress points as historic data management and storage solutions were not designed to handle the massive amounts of 3D geospatial data now being collected. This situation has created a new opportunity for Euclideon partnering with Microsoft to create udCloud, a major industry breakthrough towards real time 3D data decision-making and sharing.

The udCloud platform leverages Microsoft Azure cloud data storage and management to streamline the whole 3D process from capture and conversion of multiple formats; uploading and storage on the cloud; visualisation, enhancement including future IoT, and analysis incorporating AI and machine learning; to sharing from the cloud and usage.

Some of the Euclideon udCloud advantages are:

  • Being able to convert multiple 3D data formats into one ˜uds' format for faster unlimited detail and unlimited size data processing.
  • No storage size restrictions, with the ability to upsize with growth easily.
  • Best in class global data security, with many organizations and governments already using Microsoft Azure.
  • Very competitive pricing on data storage.
  • Euclideon udStream has an ever-growing toolbox of 3D data enhancement and analysis tools
  • Sharing unlimited data from the Cloud across an organization simultaneously with no need to download

Weisman Worldwide Founder and CEO Cory Weisman adds, As we have witnessed the need for much larger amounts of data processed more efficiently in most public and private sectors, Euclideon's partnership with Microsoft makes the most sense to fill that need.  As Euclideon's exclusive North American distribution partner, we have seen the demand especially needed in the Aerospace, Military and Defense industries.  Many of the top agencies are already exploring integration of the new collaborative effort through our agency at the highest levels.  Cyber Security is paramount, and this proprietary solution solves many of today's global Big Data and Cyber Security challenges.  We are proud to be a part of this important partnership

Euclideon's culture of innovation and improvement will be reflected in a continuous pipeline of future product innovation and upgrades to both the Euclideon udCloud data management platform and the udStream Visualization, Enhancement, and Analysis tools.

About Euclideon: Euclideon is a SaaS developer in the Geospatial Industry, delivering cutting-edge patented ˜Unlimited Detail' 3D Data Technology to support organizations as they digitally transform their decision-making and operations with unprecedented 3D data solutions. 


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