Enterprise Survey Shows Where More Organizations are Finding Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings Through Immersive Mixed Reality Use

by | May 20, 2021

Mountain View, Calif. – – GridRaster Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based XR platforms that powers high-performance and scalable AR/VR/MR experiences on mobile devices for enterprises, announced today results from a new survey that illustrates the growth manufacturers are experiencing in leveraging immersive mixed reality AR/VR, as well as cloud technology. 

Through an online survey of roughly 400 enterprises, nearly half of the executives polled (44%) said they are experiencing approximately 10% in operational savings by using immersive mixed reality technologies in the design, training, production, or customer service areas of their business. A year ago only a quarter of businesses (26%) were seeing similar results in savings. 

In terms of overall production efficiency, 45% of enterprises are seeing at least a 10% increase in production efficiency increases today, up from only 11% a year ago. 

Driven by the pandemic, over the last twelve months it is clear that companies are seeing great achievements and results in both reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies through the use of immersive mixed reality technologies such as AR/VR, said Rishi Ranjan, CEO of GridRaster. The use of cloud-based platforms is also benefitting companies through increased scalability and higher accuracy of virtual overlays and real-time tracking of objects. 

An increasing number of enterprises report moving their immersive mixed reality solutions away from on-premise datacenters, which limit the effectiveness of AR/VR accuracy and scalability. Today, 48% of enterprises are leveraging cloud-hosted environments, and another 21% say they will leverage the cloud when they implement immersive reality solutions in the future. 

Fifty-nine percent of enterprises say they are utilizing immersive mixed reality for AR-assisted workforce on production lines today, following by virtual design and engineering (53%), employee training programs (50%), and maintenance and customer visits (44%). 

About GridRaster Inc. 
GridRaster is a leading provider of cloud-based XR platforms that power compelling high-quality AR/VR/MR experiences on mobile devices for enterprises. The company works with manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and defense, and technology to launch and scale AR/VR solutions. The company utilizes a cloud-based approach leveraging distributed edge computing, low-latency remote rendering and 3D Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help clients overcome performance, scalability and legacy project limitations. For more information please visit www.gridraster.com


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