Ecopia AI And Hexagon Partner To Create 3D Nationwide Landcover Across The USA

by | Aug 5, 2021

Ecopia AI announced a partnership with Hexagon's Geosystems division to create a high-precision 3D vector map of the entire United States derived from 6 and 12 resolution stereo aerial imagery. The resulting map, 3D Nationwide Landcover, will offer a highly accurate digital representation of every building, road, bridge, railway, driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, swimming pool, sports field, waterbody, forest, grassland, bare land, and paved area “ across the entire country, and all with the accuracy of a GIS professional. Ecopia's 3D Nationwide Landcover will be made readily available as an off-the-shelf product, offering highly accurate foundational data for critical decision-making applications including flood modelling & stormwater analysis, insurance risk assessment, and transportation engineering.

Hexagon˜s HxGN Content Program offers the largest commercially available source of high-resolution aerial imagery across the US. This imagery will serve as the input data to Ecopia's artificial intelligence systems, which will rapidly process the imagery and output a highly accurate digital map of the entire country. Further, as the HxGN Content Program imagery is refreshed on a regular schedule, Ecopia will maintain the 3D Nationwide Landcover product “ offering timely change detection and updates at a national scale.

Ecopia's 3D Nationwide Landcover offers a next-generation digital infrastructure for decision-making applications across the United States, said Jon Lipinski, Co-Founder & President of Ecopia. The combination of Hexagon's high-resolution aerial image content and Ecopia's proprietary AI affords the unique capability to create a national dataset of unparalleled accuracy.

Hexagon is proud to partner with Ecopia to support this high-accuracy national dataset, which will be produced in an unprecedented timeline, said John Welter, President, Geospatial Content Solutions at Hexagon. This partnership highlights the strength of the HxGN Content Program in offering large-scale high-resolution aerial imagery of the highest possible positional accuracy and consistency, enabling high-value use cases across industries.


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