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July 28, 2015
eBumper4 Flies into the Consumer Drone Market

Cambridge, Massachusetts, July 28, 2015 — Commercial drones are no longer just a product for the enterprise or government, but are quickly emerging as a mainstream venture for the everyday consumer. With dozens of options already on the market, finding an affordable drone has become fairly simple, but the cost of replacing one or repairing damaged property from a collision can easily double your investment.

Panoptes Systems believes that every drone should be able to automatically avoid collisions. Before they can be accepted as a mainstream product, drones will need to become substantially safer to operate. The company’s recently developed eBumper4 allows consumer drone operators to fly with confidence, knowing that their investment is protected by an unparalleled obstacle avoidance system.

“eBumper4 is the first and most affordable obstacle avoidance product for consumer drones,” said Elena Micich, Panoptes’ Vice President of Products. “It not only has the capability to protect the vehicle, but it also makes it easier to control in tight spaces.”

Designed as a retrofit kit that installs in minutes, eBumper4 is an affordable, lightweight add-on for some of the most widely-owned consumer drones on the market – the DJI Phantom 2 and the 3D Robotics Iris+.

Like an automatic braking system on a car, the eBumper4 protects drones against collision while traveling straight toward an object. Front, lateral and upward sonar sensors detect items up to a distance of 15 feet away and autocorrect the trajectory, “bumping” the drone away from the approaching obstacle. Panoptes also added features that make the drone easier to control, including auto-takeoff and an indoor mode that help operators precisely maneuver through tight spaces.

In addition to enhancing the flying experience for drone hobbyists, the eBumper4 has the potential to simplify and streamline a number of professional activities ranging from photography to building inspection. “Many of our beta testers are professionals and enterprise users who are exploring new uses for drones,” said Micich. “The eBumper4 gives them a safe, affordable way to do that, knowing that the drone and everything around it will be protected.”

Panoptes’ accomplished team of engineers and the institutional knowledge of its parent company, Aurora Flight Sciences, have equipped the company with the ability to break the mold on innovative and scalable technologies for unmanned aircraft.

The eBumper4 is expected to start shipping in August via the Panoptes website and through selected resellers. For additional information on the eBumper4 and Panoptes technology, visit

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