Earth Observant Inc (EOI) Unveils Re-branding to Align with Company’s Mission and Accelerated Growth

by | Jun 22, 2022

The company’s new brand identity includes a new corporate logo, website and enhanced messaging.

LOUISVILLE, Colo. – EOI, a company deploying low-flying small satellites that provide location intelligence to government and commercial customers, today announced that it has unveiled a new visual identity which includes a new logo, new website which will be fully augmented by the end of 3Q of this year, and enhanced messaging to better align with the company’s forward-looking, innovative approach to its geospatial products, markets, and customers.


Coming out of stealth mode, EOI recently established manufacturing operations in the Denver area and will be launching its ultra-high-resolution imaging satellites in Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) next year. The company’s fast growing, technology-driven focus drove the need for a new identity and message that leverages EOI’s embrace of innovation, simplicity, and new challenges on its mission to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar earth observation marketplace. The new website is being designed to reinforce EOIs corporate identity, futuristic vision, and customer-facing content with a focus on key markets and customers. It will have a user-friendly navigation with the ability to update content in real-time, just like the capabilities of its future satellites.


“EOI is transforming from a vison to deployment of satellites so rapidly that we needed our identity to reflect not only who we are today but where we will be in the future,” said Christopher Thein, CEO of EOI. “With a company focused on bringing innovations to a global audience, we are thrilled to have this new identity reflect our strong corporate mission and values.”

About Earth Observant Inc. (EOI)

Based in Louisville Colorado, EOI is developing a unique low-flying constellation of small satellites to collect ultra-high-resolution imagery to support a wide range of earth observation applications from Very Low Earth Orbit (VLEO) using its proven, patent-pending electric propulsion technology. By operating closer to Earth than ever before, EOI will capture the highest commercially available views of our planet from Space for real-time intelligence, asset monitoring, and situation awareness. EOI’s Satellites-as-a-Service model will provide governmental entities and other companies with another technology to gather data, previously unavailable in the commercial marketplace.


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