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September 7, 2017
EagleView Donates Post Storm Imagery via Online Tool to Help Hurricane Harvey Evacuees Assess Property Damage

BOTHELL, Wash.- EagleView Technologies ("EagleView®"), the leading provider of aerial imagery and property analytics for the government, insurance and commercial sectors, this week mobilized a fleet of nearly two dozen aircraft to capture detailed, bird's eye view images of Hurricane Harvey's damage to help evacuees assess the storm's impact on their homes. As of this morning, limited post-event imagery is available in the tool, but the site is being populated in real-time with new imagery as it is captured and processed.

The images are available through a newly launched website - specifically developed in the wake of the hurricane - that displays before-and-after images of properties throughout the affected Texas regions. The site and its imagery are accessible to homeowners and can be found at Residents can enter their address on the site and view aerial photos of their property both before the storm and afterward.

Users will be able to zoom into and out of the photos, and pan across images to surrounding neighborhoods allowing them to survey the broader damage. The online tool is mobile-friendly for easy access.

Recent reports estimate that 30,000 to 40,000 homes have been destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

"Tens of thousands of residents are evacuating from the Houston area, and we understand how scary it can be to leave your home behind without any insight as to what's happening in the time that you're away," EagleView President Rishi Daga said. "We want to help, and are providing this tool to evacuees at no cost who won't be able to gain access to or see the condition of their property until they return, which could take days or even weeks."

With more than 20 planes rigged with EagleView's image capture technology flying over the affected areas of Texas, EagleView is continuously collecting and processing high-resolution aerial imagery at a rapid rate to help evacuees, first responders, officials and insurance companies assess the storm's damage and help Texans get back on their feet faster. In addition to the latest real-time photos, EagleView has taken images of every coastal county in the Lone State over the last 12 months, making before-and-after photos possible.

For more information on EagleView's deployment of aircraft, drones and other assets following Hurricane Harvey, please contact Melissa Mazurek at (585) 444-2504 or

About EagleView

EagleView® is the unparalleled provider of aerial imagery, data analytics, property data, and GIS solutions for government, infrastructure and commercial sectors. The patented Pictometry® imagery solutions answer questions related to millions of residential and commercial properties, saving individuals time and money while also reducing exposure to risk. EagleView provides access to its orthogonal and oblique aerial imagery, 3D models, interior mapping solution, and measurement and analytical tools through proprietary software as well as integrations for assessment, GIS, public safety and other industries. For more information, contact (866) 659-8439 or visit

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