e-GEOS and ISI partner to create the world’s most capable commercial SAR-Elettro Optical satellite constellation

by | Jul 21, 2021

Two global leaders in Geospatial and Earth Observation data and services, e-GEOS, an Italian Space Agency (ASI- 20%) and Telespazio (80%) company, and ISI (ImageSat International), a world leader in space-based intelligence solutions, have announced a partnership to form the world's most capable commercial Elettro Optical-SAR earth observation satellite constellation.

e-GEOS and ISI have established a strategic alliance, by bringing together the world-class satellite assets of both companies to form a High Revisit- Ultra High Resolution EO-SARconstellation that will propose to the market the best assets synergy to match the market’s ever evolving operational needs. 

The virtual joint constellation is presently comprised out of 8 ultra-high performance satellites data including five COSMO-SkyMed and COSMO-SkyMed second generation dual use SAR satellites – owned by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Italian Ministry of Defence, for which e-GEOS is exclusive global distributor worldwide – and ISI three EROS Next Generation Elettro Optical ultra high resolution satellites.

This one of a kind constellation is envisioned to dramatically expand in the coming years through the launch of new missions including additional COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation satellites and two EROS C Elettro Optical ultra high resolution satellites and two EROSAR high resolution satellites by ISI.

The two companies will be able to offer their existing customer base, as well as future customers, a natural expansion through the access to world class intelligence gathering assets. Combining satellites with different sensing technologies launched into traditional Polar orbits and mid inclination orbits, to ensure High Revisit “ Ultra High Resolution imaging capabilities throughout day & night time and in all weather conditions.  

Thanks to this agreement, the competitiveness of the two companies grows and consolidates their industrial capacity, leveraging on respective business footprint world wide and technological complementarity, specifically to offer services and information solutions to Defense & Intelligence market.

A new collaboration perspective within a broader Federative horizon is opening up new market possibilities by relying on the best performing satellite systems, said Paolo Minciacchi, e-GEOS CEO and Director of the Geoinformation Line of Business of Telespazio.

By bringing together the satellite systems, past experience, talent and expertise of both companies, we have literally formed one of the world’s most capable commercial intelligence gathering capabilities, which was until now only in the hands Super-Powers. I am confident that our alliance with e-GEOS will empower our customers by providing access to the worlds most capable commercial satellite constellation. said Noam Segal, Chief Executive officer of ISI.

e-GEOS, an ASI (20%) / Telespazio (80%) company, is a leading international player in the Earth Observation and Geo-Spatial Information business. e-GEOS is the exclusive global distributor for the COSMO-SkyMed data of first and Second Generation, the largest and most advanced Radar Satellite constellation available today. e-GEOS offers a unique portfolio of application services, specially thanks to the superior monitoring capabilities of COSMO-SkyMed constellation. It has acquired a leading position within European Copernicus Program. Covering the whole value chain, from data acquisition to the generation of analytics reports, e-GEOS, thanks to proprietary assets and algorithms, integrates data from all satellites with the IoT information gathered over different sources, creating a bigdata lake where all the e-GEOS digital platforms are able to extract significant indicators dedicated to different markets. This approach is one of the key assets of the new services and products offered by the company and it can be run both on premises and on cloud.

For more information, please visit www.e-geos.it


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