Drones And Thermal Imaging: Help In Mitigating A $120 Billion Problem?

by | Jun 3, 2015

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 3, 2015 ” Drone Services USA, Inc. (OTC: DSUS, the “Company”) is Pleased to Announce:

Last week, President & CEO, Joel Bredow accompanied by Director of Sales & Marketing, Kevin Haley, ventured on a several day expedition covering thousands of acres, including farmland, in Monterey, Louisiana, demonstrating how Drone & Thermal Image technology can assist in greatly reducing land and crop destruction caused by feral pigs at night. Utilizing the company’s flagship Drone, the ProSearch XLF, equipped with IR Distro’s IRD-TC640 camera, the PSXLF filmed the pigs activities ¼ mile away, stealthily capturing and live streaming their locations without being detected during the day to allow them to utilize vehicles and individuals outfitted with the IRD-TC640 thermal capabilities to allow for animal control to surround the pigs for capturing at night, when they are most destructive.

“Utilizing our technology, landowners and farmers will have the ability to effectively seek out and identify the culprits responsible for damages that exceeded 15 billion dollars in 2014 in the United States alone; with our thermal imaging technology, herds can be identified at night, when they are most active, as far as ¼ mile away, depending on lens used, thereby finally providing an opportunity for successfully mitigating this ever increasing problem. Having a better understanding of the feral pig habits and locations during this critical time of their destructive activities will provide a much needed advantage to the landowners and farmers as they seek means to control the damage,” says Joel Bredow, President & CEO of DSUS.

According to the most widely cited study on invasive species destruction (Pimental et al. 2005), invasive species, such as feral pigs, cost the United States more than $120 billion in damages every year. Additionally, animals not considered invasive, such as the whitetail deer, cause in excess of $1 billion in crop and lawn damages.

http://www.fws.gov/verobeach/PythonPDF/CostofInvasivesFactSheet.pdf http://www.invasivespeciesinfo.gov/docs/council/isacdef.pdf http://wildlifecontrol.info/pubs/Documents/Deer/Deer_factsheet.pdf

The Company has since been invited back to the region for another study and presentation to be conducted in the next few months. During this study, CEO Bredow will most likely utilize his recently engineered wide angled lens that provides a full 165 degree field of view, which was announced at the DSS show in Baltimore in April.

Additionally, the company has recently started reaching out to “aftermarket” suppliers to make available the IR Distro thermal camera that can detect an object the size of a deer or human up to approximately ¼ of a mile away, traveling at posted speeds. We are also making available affiliate North American Survival Systems (NASS) patented LED strobe light which can operate off a battery and can be activated through a crash sensor, thereby bringing attention to a vehicle that has crashed or veered off the road with injured lives inside from great distances. We intend to present our products and their life-saving uses to automobile, boat & ATV manufacturers and insurance companies worldwide.

The Company will continue to provide updates through public announcements and on our website about these exciting advancements and our continued progress.


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