DMCii Invests for the Future

by | Sep 5, 2014

GUILDFORD, United Kingdom, Aug. 28, 2014”DMC International Imaging (DMCii), the global satellite imagery products and services provider, have made major improvements to their data centre, involving a full internal upgrade of processing systems.

Over five billion sq. km of data, the equivalent of ten times the Earth's surface, is under management in DMCii's new virtualised environment. The introduction of the newest generation of market-leading hardware infrastructure from EDS and others have heightened DMCii's satellite imaging performance and enhanced the resilience of their servers.

DMCii's 4600 sq. ft. facility in Surrey Research Park, the renowned hub of scientific innovation and technological advancement, helped pave the way toward these advancements.

Faster processing performance has reduced retrieval time from ground station by a third, boosting DMCii's abilities to provide the world with satellite imagery at top speeds. This ability is essential in disasters where a rapid delivery of the first image is crucial to producing maps, assessments of infrastructure and information on the extent of the disaster.

Furthermore, these enhancements will allow DMCii to provide highly developed commercial services to their customers. For instance, those that purchase DMCii satellite images for agricultural purposes will receive their data faster, allowing them to plan future fertiliser application with improved confidence.

This is the first step in a sustained investment in DMCii's services worldwide, said Dave Hodgson, Managing Director of DMCii. This is a really exciting time for us. DMCii has expanded hugely since it was established in 2004, with our imagery sales rising by 40% year-on-year.

The new facility quadrupled DMCii's floor space, providing much needed room for expansion. This increased infrastructure supports the growing demand for DMCii's 22m multispectral imagery, as well as the forthcoming commercial 2.5m panchromatic, 1m and 5m multispectral imagery and SAR data.

These developments have given DMCii the chance to restructure their expert satellite imaging team, in a bid to provide their customers with more precise data using new innovative techniques.

DMCii's on-going developments are paving the way towards an entirely new system of identifying and purchasing their world-class daily global satellite images in the near future.

About DMC International Imaging Ltd.

DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) is a UK based supplier of remote sensing data products and services for international Earth Observation (EO) markets. DMCii supplies programmed and archived optical satellite imagery provided by the multi-satellite Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC). DMCii's data is used extensively in a wide variety of commercial and government applications including agriculture, forestry and environmental mapping.

In partnership with the UK Space Agency and the other Disaster Monitoring Constellation member nations (Algeria, China, Nigeria, Turkey and Spain), DMCii works with the International Charter ˜Space and Major Disasters' to provide free satellite imagery for humanitarian use in the event of major international disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes, fires and flooding.

DMCii was formed in October 2004 and is a subsidiary of Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), the world leader in small satellite technology. SSTL designed and built the Disaster Monitoring Constellation with the support of the UK Space Agency and in conjunction with the other Disaster Monitoring Constellation Consortium member nations listed above.

DMC International Imaging Ltd is not affiliated in any way with Intergraph Corp., Z/I Imaging Corp., or their registered trademark DMC.



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