Delair-Tech Partners with Pix4D

by | Sep 11, 2014

Toulouse, France, Sept. 8, 2014”Delair-Tech is excited to announce theirpartnership with Pix4D and the release of seven new UAV system packages. Each of the new packages are targeted at different real-world usage scenarios (survey, agriculture, surveillance) and contain an entire turn-key, long range UAV system and sensor that's topped off with included training and Pix4Dmapper software for post-processing of data. Until 31 October, 2014, benefit from special introductory pricing with UAV system packages starting at 29 900€.

At the heart of most of the packages is the 2 kg, 2 hour endurance, 100 km range DT-18; the world's premier beyond line of sight (BLOS)-certified UAV. If more power is required, customers can opt for the XL versions of the packages which utilize the DT-26 UAV airframe, effectively extending total range to 250 km and endurance up to 4 hours.

UAVs are tools for collecting data. Currently, purchasing a UAV system can be a confusing process. With our new packages, we've aimed to simplify this as much as possible. Our new packages include all components needed to begin flying quickly and the image processing software required to make use of that newly collected data. We've also bundled in our comprehensive training course for two pilots; the only thing the user needs to provide is a laptop. “ Benjamin Benharrosh, Co-founder, Delair-Tech

Delair-Tech has partnered with Pix4D to include the powerful Pix4Dmapper image processing software in their UAV packages as the standard method of post-processing UAV-collected imagery to convert the DT-18 or DT-26 imagery into geo-referenced orthomosaics, 3D surface models, and point clouds. Pix4Dmapper stands for accuracy, efficiency and innovation and is the only UAV imagery processing software that offers an automated solution with integrated and easy-to use GIS and CAD editing tools.

Our partnership with Delair-Tech makes a lot of sense since the long range and endurance of their UAV systems enable data capture on a game-changing level. Augmenting their systems' unique data acquisition proficiencies with Pix4Dmapper's digital processing capabilities creates the perfect solution for long-range, long endurance UAV mapping needs. “ Christoph Strecha, CEO, Pix4D

Packages containing the DT-18 UAV are available to order immediately while those with the DT-26 will be available starting in Q4 2014.

In June 2014, Delair-Tech partnered with EDF, the world's largest producer of electricity, for missions utilizing the DT-18 and DT-26. The UAVs performed live transmission line corridor surveys and vegetation analysis. The missions were a success and helped EDF to monitor their network in especially hard-to-reach areas within the mountains of Corsica. In July 2014, Delair-Tech UAV systems performed survey flights over open-pit mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo where accurate volume calculations and DSMs were created for the client. In both of these instances, the end-users saved time, money, and eliminated the risk of injuries to their employees. Pix4Dmapper software was used to produce the required 2D mosaics and 3D models for each of these projects.


Delair-Tech develops and manufactures small, industrial, long range UAV systems. With over 30 employees headquartered in a 700+ square meter facility in Toulouse, France, Delair-Tech has the capacity to produce over 100 in-house manufactured UAV systems per year. Delair-Tech is proud to manufacture the only beyond line of sight (BLOS) certified UAV in the world, the DT-18.

Delair-Tech will be exhibiting at:

  • UAV Show Europe “ Bordeaux, FR “ September 9-11, 2014
  • The Commercial UAV Show “ London, UK “ October 21-22, 2014


With over ten years of leading scientific research and founded in 2011, Pix4D has become the leading provider for professional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) processing software. Pix4D is a dynamic and rapidly expanding company and is pursuing its R&D efforts by collaborating with industrial partners as well as EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in research projects.


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