DAT/EM Systems International Expands Brand to Europe

by | May 13, 2014

Anchorage, Alaska, May 7, 2014”DAT/EM Systems International is excited to announce expansion of the DAT/EM brand to Europe. DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH, a separate legal and business entity, will increase awareness of the DAT/EM brand and provide exemplary customer support in Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.

One of the reasons we established DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH, is to serve DAT/EM customers in a more timely and efficient manner, since we are located within the time zones of Europe and Africa, says Charly Lothhammer, cofounder and General Manager of DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH. He further said, We are highly motivated to provide new levels of customer service and to build customer relationships.

DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH will focus on superior client services and providing 3D stereo mapping solutions to Europe and Northern Africa. DAT/EM Systems Europe products and services will be based upon the wellknown products from DAT/EM Systems International.

We want to provide our customers with highly qualified solutions and support to allow them to establish an entire stateoftheart  photogrammetric workflow, which in turn allows them to efficiently and professionally fulfill their endcustomer's demands, says Volker Zirn, cofounder and General Manager of DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH.

DAT/EM Systems International and the founders of the new DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH have developed a close relationship over the years, says Jeffrey Yates, General Manager of DAT/EM Systems International. We are looking forward to expanding the DAT/EM brand and customer service in the European region with a trusted team.

The emphasis of business development by DAT/EM Systems Europe is on developing new clients. Existing DAT/EM clients in the affected regions will continue to work with their existing Account Managers.

DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH. Located in Schlossweinbergstrasse 14/1, 72119 Ammerbuch (nearby Stuttgart Airport), Germany. Established April 2014. DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH specializes in superior client services and offers photogrammetric mapping systems to the European region. Available products include Summit Evolution and LandScape which efficiently extract and edit 3D vector features from stereo imagery or point clouds. For more information, please visit www.datemsystems.com or email DAT/EM Systems Europe GmbH at sales@datemsystems.com.

DAT/EM Systems International. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, USA has developed photogrammetric software since 1987. DAT/EM specializes in 3D stereo viewing and feature data collection software. Its products include the Summit Evolution digital stereoplotter and data capture interfaces that allow Summit Evolution to digitize directly into MicroStation®, AutoCAD®, or ArcGIS®. For more information, please visit DAT/EM's website at www.datem.com or email sales@datem.com.



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