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July 12, 2016
CyberCity 3D, Inc. Grows Asset Portfolio with New Patent Approvals for 3D Roof Modeling and Asset Management

CyberCity 3D, Inc., a top geospatial 3D modeling and streaming services company headquartered in Los Angeles County, CA (El Segundo) has announced that it has received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in connection with the Company's patent application entitled “COMPUTER-IMPLEMENTED SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ROOF MODELING AND ASSET MANAGEMENT.”

The Company received approval on all of the 20 claims it applied for in January 2014.  CyberCity 3D's proprietary 3D modeling methods include the use of stereo images to model and measure rooftops. By identifying emerging web-based asset management applications several years ago, CyberCity 3D has continually developed its 3D models and modeling methods to successfully integrate them seamlessly with legacy commercial building design as well as mapping applications from incumbents like Esri, Autodesk, and Google. And equally important, the Company’s technology is in synch with emerging applications built solely on the cloud, such as those running on open source 3D mapping "globes" and other web-based geolocation and mapping applications.

CyberCity 3D creates 3D buildings and infrastructure for smart city applications. The Company works with Open Architecture and other third party applications to deliver streaming 3D mapping services or Streaming as a Service (SaaS)  for construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), economic and downtown development, urban planning, city sustainability, higher education facilities management, security, Geographic Information System (GIS), and public utility networks such as those connected with water and energy.

"Merging our proprietary 3D building information files with information originating from sensors, meters, GIS sources, big data, social and traditional media and the Internet of Things (IoT) is now essential to almost every smart city SaaS, " stated Kevin DeVito, CyberCity 3D's CEO, "and CyberCity 3D is ahead of this wave when it comes to smart 3D buildings."

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how we work, including the way cities and their stakeholders consume and take action from 3D information systems like those being developed and deployed by CyberCity 3D. Software applications used in nearly all city information programs are operating more and more from the cloud. Some applications, like CC3D steaming maps, are 100% web-based. This saves money, maximizes awareness, and allows for real-time changes to be communicated to stakeholders throughout the city.

About CyberCity 3D, Inc.

CyberCity 3D, Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles County, CA (El Segundo) offers optimum 3D building and terrain models and streaming 3D content for governmental and private agencies worldwide. CC3D’s proprietary 3D modeling process is at the core of its breakthrough technology. The Company’s smart buildings contain valuable measurement data, including height and roof slope, with up to six-inch accuracy.  CyberCity 3D also offers the largest 3D city library of its kind

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