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February 9, 2016
Creating a European Marketplace for Earth Observation Services

We are pleased to announce the release of the EARSC position paper around the development of a European Marketplace for EO services as a leverage for the exploitation of Copernicus data and services alongside commercial offerings.

A European Marketplace for EO Services will enable companies to offer new products and services building upon those coming from Copernicus and other sources. It will allow the European industry to capitalise on the public investments in Copernicus and, by linking with other data sets, can unleash a new wave of innovative geospatial products addressing many markets.

Industry considers 3 lines to be addressed:

  • Ensuring the availability of the service(s) and infrastructure(s) on which the EO Services Marketplace(s) can be developed and operated.
  • Creating an environment in Europe where private initiatives can develop
  • Supporting the creation of the market

Our vision is to create a “platform” bringing together many services, allowing users’ access to many diverse data types and the means to convert them into sustainable services. It will be based on an architecture of 3 layers (information, platform, infrastructure) all provided as services from competing suppliers via brokers.

All actors will need to play their role to realise this vision and to help bring access to the rich and diverse sets of data from both public and private source. In order to bring all the stakeholders together, a dedicated stakeholder forum shall be envisaged, possibly in the form of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) or a structured dialogue.

The establishment of the Marketplace Alliance for EO services would bring together the industry towards implementing the key lines of action. The immediate steps forward include:

  • Creating a Marketplace Alliance for EO Services
  • Building the Platform and Infrastructure
  • Creating an environment where private initiatives can flourish
  • Creation of the Market: Overcoming Market failure
  • Create a Stakeholder Forum whereby complementary actions can be developed along with a strategic plan.

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