Pushpin announced today that it had secured a contract with CoreLogic to automatically extract property attributes from aerial imagery using machine learning. Under the contract, Pushpin leveraged its deep learning platform to extract parcel information including roofing material and number of stories from 3-inch overhead and oblique imagery collected by Nearmap. Currently, CoreLogic relies on analysts to manually assign these attributes to properties. Leveraging machine learning will enable CoreLogic to dramatically reduce costs and increase update frequency for its database of 147 million properties in the United States.

CoreLogic leverages parcel attributes in estimating property values, which are then used by government assessors and insurance companies. During this project, Pushpin developed training sets and deep learning models for accurately extracting these attributes. Pushpin also developed a plan for operationalizing the algorithms within CoreLogic.

Pushpin is one of the only companies applying cutting-edge deep learning techniques to aerial imagery to automatically extract features and identify changes, says Mikhail Palatnik, Executive, Product Management, CoreLogic. It has been a pleasure working with Pushpin's innovative team. Going forward, we expect machine learning to be critical to creating and maintaining accurate property records, which our customers rely on.

CoreLogic is leading the charge in leveraging deep learning to automate tedious image analysis tasks that analysts once did manually, says Randy Milbert, Chief Executive Officer, Pushpin. We enjoy working with early adopters such as CoreLogic and look forward to helping them increase the accuracy and currency of their property database, thereby increasing its value to their customers in the assessment and insurance markets.

About Pushpin

Founded in 2015 and based in Minneapolis, Pushpin believes that people and computers intelligently combined can solve difficult mapping challenges better, faster, and cheaper than the alternatives. Pushpin works with tech-forward customers and partners to dramatically increase automation, accelerate workflows, and decrease costs. Pushpin applies patent-pending deep learning algorithms to aerial and satellite imagery to identify parcel changes, extract building footprints, and estimate impervious areas. Pushpin's customers include Maricopa County, Arizona; Lee County, Florida; Hillsborough County, Florida; and many others. For more information, please visit https://pushpin.us.