Contracting With and Between UAS Operators White Paper Published by Global Aerospace, Inc. and Dentons

by | Oct 30, 2015

PARSIPPANY, N.J., Oct. 30, 2015 ” Numerous businesses today are choosing to outsource their drone operations to professional operators. This is one of the significant observations in a new white paper, “Contracting With and Between UAS Operators” published this week by Global Aerospace, a leading international aviation and aerospace insurance provider, and Dentons, an international law firm expert in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Increasingly, insurance providers and law firms are being asked the same questions, such as, how do I go about acquiring UAS services?

The white paper offers a comprehensive review of significant questions companies should consider when contracting drone services and summarizes some of the legal issues that should be resolved by those interacting with and within the drone community. Chris Proudlove, senior vice president and manager of the Northeast Regional Office and UAS risks for Global Aerospace stated, “We receive inquiries every day from our clients and others around drone use. This paper tackles the key issues companies have raised around the safe, legal use of drones”. Mark Dombroff, partner at Dentons commented: “The explosive growth of the UAS industry makes it critical that providers and users of drone services focus on risk allocation and management. This white paper shines a spotlight on those areas.”

Subjects covered in this paper include:

  • How do you navigate the existing challenges of the regulatory environment?
  • What are the top 10 things you should be asking a prospective drone service company?
  • How can legally enforceable contracts help protect drone manufacturers, operators and users?

The white paper is being made available free of charge, includes a sample Agreement for Drone Services contract, and can be downloaded at:

This paper is the second in a series published by Global Aerospace, following the overwhelming response to the first paper, titled Unmanned Aviation Risk Management, Accident Prevention and Insurance which can be downloaded at:

For several years, Global Aerospace has provided insurance and expert guidance to UAS operators, from small independent operators to large, military-grade UAS. As aviation regulators around the world actively work to establish guidelines for the safe integration of UAS, Global Aerospace is at the forefront of insuring this new industry, helping manufacturers and operators understand how to improve safety, minimize risk and insure against loss and liability.

Individuals interested in learning more about UAS risk and insurance issues, or wishing to speak to an unmanned aviation insurance expert can contact Chris Proudlove at (973) 490-8525 or

[email protected] for more information. To obtain an insurance quotation from Global Aerospace, please contact your broker.

About Global Aerospace

Global Aerospace is a leading provider of aerospace insurance with a worldwide portfolio of clients who are engaged in every aspect of the aviation and space industries.  Headquartered in London, we have offices in Canada, Cologne, Paris, Zurich and throughout the United States. Across the world we employ over 350 people. With experience dating back to the 1920s, the company’s underwriting is backed by a pool of high quality insurance companies representing some of the most respected names in the business. For additional information about Global Aerospace, please visit To learn more about the company’s SM4 safety program, please visit

About Dentons

Dentons is a global law firm driven to provide a competitive edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. A top 20 firm on the Acritas 2015 Global Elite Brand Index, Dentons is committed to challenging the status quo in delivering consistent and uncompromising quality in new and inventive ways. Dentons’ clients now benefit from 3,000 lawyers and professionals in more than 80 locations spanning 50-plus countries. With a legacy of legal experience that dates back to 1742 and builds on the strengths of our foundational firms – Salans, Fraser Milner Casgrain (FMC), SNR Denton and McKenna Long & Aldridge – the Firm serves the local, regional and global needs of private and public clients.

In 2015, the Firm announced its intention to combine with Chinese firm 大成. Upon launch later this year, the new firm will offer clients experience from more than 6,600 lawyers and professionals in more than 125 locations and 50-plus countries.


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