CBC Iberia, Spain Adopts SuperSurv for Android to Elevate Data Collection Efficiency

by | May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015 ” Supergeo Technologies, the leading provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announces that CBC Iberia S.A., Spain adopts SuperSurv for Android in enhancing outdoor data collection for biotechnologies and agriculture.

CBC Group focuses on pharmaceutical and chemical application and has its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, and has 29 offices and manufacturing facilities across continents. SuperSurv for Android is selected by CBC Iberia S.A. to collect GIS data, so that the researchers are able to control the latest status of different species.

SuperSurv allows field workers collect point, line and polygon data with smart devices. Besides, the offline mode can assist surveyors overcome the bad connection problems, while doing GIS data collecting in the fields.

The fresh-launched SuperSurv 3.3 now supports raster data, MrSID and JPEG2000, as basemap, so that surveyors can better understand the on-site scenes. Also, by connecting with external GNSS devices, the accuracy is highly promoted, and field workers can hence save costs on devices.

In addition to GIS app, Supergeo also provides SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst for biotechnologies applications. The Analyst tool contains hundreds of landscape indices to let users realize the relationships between ecology and geography.

Experience SuperSurv for field data collection

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App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/supersurv/id734191604?mt=8

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