Cartegraph Announces Platinum Partnership with Esri

by | Jul 20, 2016

DUBUQUE, IOWA ” June 20, 2016 ” Cartegraph is now an Esri® Platinum Tier Business Partner. This move enhances an already-strong partnership between two enterprise business systems that enable local government agencies to gain greater insight, solve problems, and make informed decisions.

Esri is known as the system of record for asset inventory and location. Cartegraph is the complementary system of record for asset condition, work history, and cost, said Jake Schneider, Cartegraph President and CEO. When used together, they become even more: They become one complete system of engagement ” giving users access to incredible data and empowering a modern workflow.”

The Platinum Partnership announcement coincides with technology advancements that extend the capabilities of the ArcGIS® platform. The latest release of Cartegraph, the local government solution for ArcGIS, includes a stack of features to enhance the way the systems work together, including spatial analysis tools, route optimization, and in-depth data integration.

We're excited about the ways our mutual customers are able to use Cartegraph and Esri together, said Jim Higgins, Director of Business Development Global Water Practice at Esri. Take flood management, for example. Users can plan for an impending flood using ArcGIS and track all recovery activity and cost using Cartegraph. It's a complete solution from beginning to end.

As an Esri Platinum Partner, Cartegraph works closely with Esri to build innovative solutions. For more information about the partnership between Cartegraph and Esri, visit


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