Cape and Skyfire Consulting Team Up to Support End-to-End Drone Integration for Public Safety

by | Sep 27, 2018

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.Cape, the leading cloud platform for drone telepresence and data management, today announced a partnership with Skyfire Consulting to provide comprehensive technology solutions and support for the safe integration of commercial drones across public safety agencies, including law enforcement, fire rescue, and emergency management services.

As part of the partnership, Cape customers can now leverage Skyfire for turnkey access to hardware and equipment, as well as industry-leading drone training, education, and FAA consultation, helping agencies more quickly and confidently launch drone integration programs. Similarly, Skyfire clients will have the ability to easily integrate the Cape Aerial Telepresence platform into their commercial drone programs. With reliable video streaming functionality, enhanced flight safety, and teleoperation through the Cape platform, Skyfire customers can now maximize their drone investments and drive improved operational efficiencies.

“Real-time aerial visibility is critical across all industries, but can be a matter of life or death for first responders and citizens. With the integration of drones, today’s public safety agencies can not only make better, faster resource decisions, but more importantly, with the enhanced situational awareness, they can improve the safety of their teams and their communities,” said Chris Rittler, CEO of Cape. “Skyfire’s expertise in the space is unmatched, and we’re extremely excited to partner with them to help shape the future of public safety.”

“From dispatch to investigation and analysis, drones are fundamentally changing the way fire departments, police and emergency management teams operate,” Skyfire CEO and co-founder, Matt Sloane said. “We’re proud to partner with Cape to give agencies across the country access to full drone telepresence capabilities, helping them both maximize the impact of their drone programs and improve the safety of their operations.”

Cape and Skyfire will be showcasing their joint capabilities at some of the biggest public safety conferences in the country, including IACP 2018, where attendees can learn more about the partnership and see demos of the Cape technology at booth #2085 on October 7-9, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

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Cape unlocks the full potential of commercial drones, giving companies all of the benefits with none of the traditional hassle. Every day, Cape users log in to the Cape Aerial Telepresenceâ„¢ platform, connect to physical drones around the world, and safely conduct flights with remote visibility to capture live, high-resolution video. The only cloud-based system for drone telepresence and data management, Cape provides secure, real-time visualization that increases productivity and operational efficiency and improves safety. Since its founding in 2014, Cape has been a leader in software for drone usability, and the trusted drone software solution for a wide range of use cases, from construction and public safety to oil & gas and agriculture. To date, more than 100,000 Cape-enabled drone flights have been completed with zero incidents. For more information about Cape, please visit

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Founded by public safety and aviation professionals, Skyfire Consulting believes that America’s First Responders are the backbone upon which this great nation was built. Skyfire supports organizations in all 50 states with cutting-edge firefighting and police drone technology, and industry-leading expertise in certification, regulations, and training. Skyfire is the leading public safety-specific sUAS company in the country, and offer the equipment, flight training and ground courses, grant assistance, and FAA consultation necessary to not only acquire a blanket and jurisdictional COA, but to fly safely and effectively while minimizing liability. For more information about Skyfire Consulting, please visit