CAE Unveils Global Inspection Services to Provide Accurate Asset Information

by | Jun 14, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas - CAE, the industry’s first and leading software and data-driven physical commodity trader for semiconductor capital equipment and commodities, unveils an in-house research, inspection and due diligence team, Global Inspection Services (GIS), to provide on-the-ground support throughout the world. Concurrently launched in the United StatesEurope, and Asia, GIS is designed to accelerate transaction cycle times, dramatically reduce buyer risk, and improve the process of selling equipment or commodities for CAE’s community of suppliers.

CAE provides a confidential, reliable source for buying and selling semiconductor production equipment and commodities. CAE’s introduction into the marketplace has created a safe space for device manufacturers to trade equipment without their competitors having any indication into their day-to-day business, entering their facilities, or diverting internal resources from their primary business function. Through CAE, sellers can now rapidly reach a community of tens of thousands of potential buyers, transact in a compliance-guaranteed environment, and with the addition of GIS, not lift a finger to gather and disseminate asset information.

Today, GIS provides CAE’s clients with rapid reactions to their needs and real-time information on assets worldwide by diving deep into known assets and suppliers and unearthing new assets and suppliers daily. GIS is the only tool of its kind in the semiconductor industry because it provides buyers with proprietary assets that aren’t available online. CAE’s inspection professionals are based within same-day proximity to nearly all active fabrication facilities. This enables CAE to accumulate proprietary data from fabrication facilities to provide their clients with access to inventory that can’t be found anywhere else. Meanwhile, CAE is ensuring that the information that’s going to the market is accurate and safe. Through GIS, CAE provides on-the-ground support to conduct due diligence before products are traded and shipped to buyers. Once a transaction is complete, CAE’s in-house team oversees the logistics of relocating the asset out of the seller’s location and transporting it to the buyer’s location, including an industry-leading export compliance system.

“GIS was established to make the semiconductor equipment and commodity market safe, transparent, and reliable,” said Ryan Jacob, chief executive officer for CAE. “We are streamlining the process for buyers by anticipating and collecting necessary information, based on what hundreds of buyers have requested in the past, to ensure that our information is comprehensive and accurate. We are simplifying the process for sellers because we are local to wherever they are and we can move faster than anyone else. CAE stands by the accuracy of the information it collects. The equipment or materials photographed, shown in a video, or demonstrated will arrive with everything in the pictures, video, or demonstration. We stand behind it and it is guaranteed in the transactions for thousands of assets we trade each year. No one else stands behind their information.”

“We are in the midst of a global semiconductor shortage “ CAE is addressing the semiconductor shortage by uncovering the assets that are bridging the gap between supply and demand, reducing lead times, and removing transactional risk,” said Austin Gill, vice president of operations for CAE. “CAE has invested heavily into technology designed to support GIS. We have the largest on-the-ground presence in the world with 25 people supporting our in-house inspection services.”

CAE’s internally developed, proprietary technology creates a transactionally validated solution for end-to-end sourcing, due diligence, purchasing and logistics management for the semiconductor market. CAE tracks over 555,000 assets inside fabrication facilities, warehouses, refurbishment companies and research centers worldwide “ many on an exclusive basis. Simultaneously, CAE works with clients on over 271,000 active inquiries, the most extensive collection of supply and demand in the world. In 2021, GIS is projected to conduct over 600 inspections, estimated at 12,000 assets, across fabrication facilities, research centers, warehouses and refurbishment companies worldwide.

About CAE

CAE is a global software and data-driven physical commodity trader for semiconductor production equipment and commodities. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, CAE developed the market-share-leading, transaction-validated technology that enables the end-to-end processing of semiconductor equipment and commodity purchases, sales and shipments. To learn more, please visit



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