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July 19, 2017
Brainnwave Expands in Geo with Quarry One Eleven

Brainnwave understands, that if people are going to make better decisions then they must have quick and simple access to the data they need, at the time they need them. This insight has driven the Edinburgh-based team of young entrepreneurs, data scientists, machine learning and software engineers and user-experience (UX) designers, to create a platform that removes any barriers between data suppliers and end-users.

The team combines an in-depth understanding of how people want to find and consume data with a knowledge of the very latest in UX, web-design and development, and this has led them to create a website that is as simple to use for customers and suppliers as it is complex in its construction and wide ranging in the data it is able to offer.

Customers now have a single point of access to the world’s data which allows them to either download purchased datasets or have them streamed into their applications via the Brainnwave Geo Web Services.

The ‘Geo-industry’ is data rich to say the very least and every day, more information is being created. Organisations, including the Ordnance Survey, Airbus, the USGS, the European Space Agency and Here have all recognised the power that Brainnwave gives to their customers and prospects in allowing them to search and purchase their datasets; which is why they are all Brainnwave suppliers.

To ensure that this phenomenal growth in use by both suppliers and customers continues, Brainnwave has retained the specialist marketing agency, Quarry One Eleven to promote their service throughout international geo-marketplaces.

Quarry One Eleven Founder and CEO Alistair Maclenan explained why his team is so excited about working with the company’s latest client; “Brainnwave will change how people look for and consume data. The site provides users with a single point of search and purchase for the world’s datasets; that’s a massive leap forwards. Additionally, allowing people to have the data streamed into their applications or downloaded, puts users in control and that’s how it should be.” 

Talking about his company’s unique offering to the geospatial industries and working with Quarry One Eleven, Head of Marketing for Brainnwave, David Riley commented; “Brainnwave is a new and innovative global marketplace for data. We are committed to democratising the discovery of and access to data to ignite global innovation.

Developing a platform that enables a new breed of business intelligence. Harnessing the tidal wave of data that is growing exponentially, providing a simple way to discover, access and fuse data into an analytics engine. Turning data into opportunity.

The data industry is rapidly changing, moving towards a service led model. We are leading the disruption, helping our customers make sense of the data explosion.

Through working with Quarry One Eleven we aim to use their extensive knowledge and experience within the Geospatial industry to tap into the various industries and geo-marketplaces that are becoming ever more reliant on understanding their data needs.

It’s an exciting time for Brainnwave and we are looking forward to working closely with Alistair and his team."

Brainnwave joins a prestigious roster of clients, both geospatial and from more general technical and scientific disciplines, who rely on Quarry One Eleven for their marketing services.

To view the datasets on offer, please visit

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