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November 5, 2019
Booz Allen and Orbital Insight Announce Strategic Alliance to Help US Government Meet National Security Challenges

ROSSLYN, Va. - Orbital Insight announced today its partnership with Booz Allen, to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms on its new software platform, Modzy. The U.S. executive branch and DoD have called for the rapid adoption of AI in order to “protect service members, safeguard U.S. citizens, defend allies and partners, and improve the affordability, effectiveness, and speed of our operations.” Orbital Insight and Booz Allen aim to support the intelligence community—including the NGA, NRO, and DIA—in this mission with world-class geospatial analytics.

Orbital Insight’s geospatial capabilities were selected among the leading machine learning technologies to be made available in Modzy, whose mission is to put AI to work through the power of trusted models and a secure, scalable platform. Modzy accelerates AI adoption by providing a holistic solution to last mile challenges with operationalizing AI, allowing organizations to rapidly deploy AI at scale with embedded governance, patent-pending Adversarial Defense and in-depth security. It will be available for the U.S. federal government and early access program participants in mid-2020.

“Orbital Insight is proud to join Booz Allen and other tech companies in the creation of an entirely new way for the government to access the best AI technology available in the market.” said Dr. James Crawford CEO of Orbital Insight. “We are dedicated to geospatial intelligence and are glad to expand Modzy in that domain.”

Orbital Insight presented its capabilities at the NVIDIA GTC DC conference (November 4th, 2019) the premier event on AI and data science approaches, where Booz Allen first introduced Modzy to the intelligence community. Orbital Insight demonstrated use cases for its car counting algorithm, zooming in on locations such as Marawi, Cairo, Damascus and other global locations where there have been geopolitical conflicts and fluctuations in economic activities. Orbital Insight will also be rolling out additional object detection algorithms on Modzy.

Modzy allows users to quickly and easily access, evaluate, deploy, embed and manage the best AI models at scale, as well as upload their own models for management and governance. The platform has embedded governance and patent-pending Adversarial Defense and in-depth security, delivering better results while minimizing risks. Modzy’s open architecture software solution is available to customers on-premise, in the cloud, or via custom deployments. Learn more about the new software by visiting

The announcement may be viewed via livestream. To watch, visit:

About Orbital Insight
Orbital Insight leverages AI and computer vision to analyze petabytes of multi-source geospatial data, including satellite and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, location intelligence, and vessel traffic (AIS) data, to help its clients understand what is happening on and to the Earth. By monitoring the world’s geopolitical and economic activities with unprecedented timeliness, Orbital Insight provides the best possible information to inform your organization’s revenue, operations, and policies. For more information, please visit

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