Bird.i Partners with DigitalGlobe to Make High-Resolution Satellite Images Accessible to Anyone

by | Mar 23, 2017

Bird.i, the premiere global platform for accessing the world's best satellite, airborne and drone imagery, has today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with leading high-resolution satellite imagery leader DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI).

Set-up in 2016, Bird.i is developing a supply chain composed of the world's best data suppliers, enabling the growth of the mass market for Earth Observation data.

Thanks to this new partnership, Bird.i will provide real-time, online visualisation of DigitalGlobe's most accurate and current images to allow both businesses and individuals to have an up-to-date view of our world. Bird.i has spent the past two years perfecting its unique plug-and-play API, which works within any location-based applications and services. This API allows users to easily view the best images over a location through a super simple and affordable subscription model. For example, construction companies monitor construction site progress using current, high-resolution imagery and logistics companies reduce last mile delivery costs by having an up-to-date view of the parcel drop-off location.

Bird.i's founder and CEO Corentin Guillo said: ˜I am excited to partner with DigitalGlobe as one of our leading suppliers of uniquely precise imagery and analytics. Accessing DigitalGlobe images with Bird.i is like having a microscope that can view every single location around the world at a unique level of detail. It fits with our promise to make the world's most incredible images “ and the insight they bring “ accessible to absolutely everyone.'

Shay Har-Noy, VP and General Manager, Platform at DigitalGlobe, said: ˜Bird.i is employing our high-resolution imagery in new ways to create innovative applications and services for an unmet demand. We believe Bird.i's API will provide an easy-to-use outlet for businesses and individuals to work with imagery, inspiring them to find further creative uses for it. We look forward to partnering with Bird.i to facilitating the mass adoption of satellite imagery and its analysis.’

As part of this agreement, Bird.i will leverage DigitalGlobe's GBDX platform and provide access, through its API, to satellite images as accurate as 30 cm resolution and as fresh as a few days old.


About Bird.i

Bird.i is a big data company focused on the geospatial industry. Established in 2016, it has built a unique platform that curates the best of the world’s satellite, airborne and drone imagery in real time to create an up-to-date view of our world that everyone can explore at any time. Bird.i sources its data from a mix of providers.

All of Bird.i’s images from above offer 1.5 meters resolution or better and are current. Businesses and individuals alike access images in real-time through Bird.i’s API and rely on Bird.i’s expert knowledge and insight to power their mapping applications or location based services.


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