Baron Weather Joins the Esri Partner Network – Empowering Users with Effortless Access to Weather Intelligence

by | Nov 1, 2022

HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Baron Weather, Inc., the world leader in superior weather intelligence joins the Esri Partner Network (EPN) with packages that provide location-specific past, present, and forecast weather data with unparalleled accuracy. As an EPN silver partner, Baron's solutions will empower businesses, government agencies, and other Esri users by enabling effortless implementation of Baron's weather intelligence within the Esri suite of products. This offering couples the advantages of Esri's easy-to-use GIS solutions, visualization and location intelligence with Baron's current weather conditions, major perils detection and historical datasets within the various ArcGIS products.

We're pleased to become a part of the Esri network, said Baron's CEO and President, Bob Dreisewerd. Worldwide users of the product will be able to take advantage of existing resources and assets alongside the powerful weather and climate intelligence provided by Baron's data helping them mitigate climate and weather risks.

Baron uniquely brings their expertise in weather radar development and operations, weather and water modeling, and operational meteorology to provide powerful insights that enable confident data-driven decisions. Users across a myriad of industries including public safety and insurance claims professionals, will have access to Baron's exclusive forecast and historical data, as well as impact weather detection so users can analyze the relationship between weather and other valuable datasets. Baron data is highly detailed and includes the underlying values that can be queried along with visualization for quick analysis.

As a participant in the Esri Partner Network, Baron supports customers with dynamic content by leveraging ArcGIS technology, such as ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and more.

About Baron Weather

People and entities depend upon weather intelligence when it comes to their safety and livelihood. Precision matters in terms of meteorological hardware, software, and data for organizations. That's why Baron's world-class scientists are continuously inventing new and more effective ways to provide superior weather data. Baron products are used in numerous industries such as automotive, transportation, aviation, insurance, marine, government, and media. In fact, more than 226 million people have access to Baron weather intelligence through major media outlets in North America.


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