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May 6, 2021
Astraea Announces Partnership With Cuebiq

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.– Astraea, developer of the EarthAI geospatial analytics platform, today announced a partnership with Cuebiq, a leader in mobility intelligence and offline consumer insights. Fusing geospatial and mobility datasets give organizations a comprehensive understanding of the Earth’s surface and those who live on it. By combining Cuebiq’s innovative, flexible tools and vast mobility data catalog with Astraea’s end-to-end AIOps platform, the partnership brings together two important and growing data sets, giving consumers secure, accurate intelligence.

“As a Benefit Corporation, we see incredible value in partnering with Cuebiq and their multiple Data for Good initiatives,” said Brendan Richardson, Astraea CEO. “As the Earth changes, we need a new data infrastructure to unlock GeoAI, and partnering with Cuebiq allows us to do just that.”

“We’re proud to be the data and platform provider Astraea chose to bridge their geospatial data with human movement,” said Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO, Cuebiq. “We are able to support their important work by guaranteeing access to a stable supply of high-quality mobility data while making it possible to test and build new solutions and enhance existing analytics without the hindrance of big upfront costs.”

About Cuebiq

Cuebiq is transforming the way businesses interact with location data. Companies have unique problems that location data can solve, but too often face roadblocks with data sourcing, privacy, and resources. Our mission is to help the industry innovate by opening our data and platform to partners, both data owners and consumers who need access to human mobility insights, with the belief that providing such data shouldn’t be limited to those with enterprise-deep pockets or abilities but to anyone who can utilize location data in a responsible way for innovation and growth.

Our best-in-class location intelligence is used by hundreds of organizations to better understand consumers and develop their own specialized models. In an effort to enhance quality of life across the globe, Cuebiq also partners with academic and research institutions on humanitarian initiatives such as natural-disaster relief, epidemiology and COVID-19 response with its Data For Good program, underscoring the demand for our data in solving a wide variety of problems.

About Astraea

Astraea is a Benefit Corporation located in Charlottesville, Virginia, enabling individuals & organizations to unlock insights from geospatial data at global scale. Astraea’s cloud-native platform, EarthAI, provides the tools and infrastructure required to build production-level analytics on satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. EarthAI includes Earth OnDemand: a curated database of global analytics-ready imagery and EarthAI Notebook: a fully hosted and managed JupyterLab Notebook designed specifically to analyze raster data at scale, all powered by RasterFrames: a free and open-source toolkit allowing data scientists, analysts, and software developers to process and analyze geospatial-temporal raster data with flexibility and ease.

For more information or to request a data quote for your organization’s project, contact Shannon Tevendale – [email protected] or visit

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