Allvision IO Newest Offering Creates Digital Infrastructure Maps with Enhanced Data

by | Mar 10, 2021

Allvision’s asset management solution now offers data coverage

PITTSBURGH – Allvision IO, a geospatial analytics company providing insights and asset management to the transportation sector with specific applications for urban mobility, rail and road asset owners, announced today a collaboration with TomTom, the location technology specialist. Allvision is now able to offer a solution that hasn’t been practical or affordable in the past – continuously updated asset information and tracking solutions at an affordable price.

Allvision’s platform aggregates multiple sources of data and, through the power of machine learning and cloud computing, provides tools to deliver actionable information. With this platform, organizations can pinpoint assets, including signage, streetlights, overpasses, paint lines, guardrails, telephone poles, ADA compliant sidewalks, vegetation encroachment, and more. Gone are the days where asset audits and inspections are done manually. With TomTom Mobile Mapping (MoMa) data on the Allvision platform, the possibilities are endless for high-definition mapping and the future of on demand asset identification.

“This new offering will position us to provide cost effective and immediate results for those with the need to manage physical assets,” said Dr. Aaron Morris, co-founder and CEO of Allvision. “The power of TomTom’s data paired with our platform helps customers to minimize costs, improve services, and allocate limited resources more effectively, effectively creating a digital twin of sidewalks and roadscapes.”

About Allvision

Allvision develops the platform to enable street level analytics at global scale. We provide the means to make sense of our dynamic environment to solve the world’s most pressing problems from the human point of view. The founders have spent their careers at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds and are experts in geospatial analytics and machine learning.  

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