Allen & Company Acquires Nexus 3D Consulting; Expands Capabilities, Staff and Geographic Footprint

by | Nov 29, 2023

Allen & Company is pleased to announce its definitive agreement to acquire Nexus 3D Consulting, bringing the two companies together under one entity to create a more robust and innovative force in surveying, mapping, and reality capture services. The acquisition will allow the company to expand resources and strengthen its services and relationships on the East Coast and West Coast. With office locations in Florida, California and Idaho, the company will expand its resources for clients, reach new markets, and advance careers.

“We are pleased to expand our footprint to the West Coast,” said Butch Allen, Founder and President of Allen & Company. “Nexus has a strong footing in many industries that Allen & Company wants to pursue, and Allen & Company will help Nexus grow faster in the markets it already serves. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and value to our clients remains unwavering.”

Allen & Company and Nexus 3D Consulting will bring together their talented staff to offer a wider range of services and meet clients’ evolving needs.

“Nexus benefits from the expertise and support that Allen brings, and Allen benefits from the technology know-how and service experience that Nexus has,” said Matthew Byrd, Founder and President of Nexus 3D Consulting.

Additionally, Matt and Butch agree that both companies share similar values, including a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service. “We will work together to preserve and enhance our culture,” the pair noted.

Both companies are committed to driving innovation and technology across the industries they serve.

About Allen & Company

Founded in 1988, Allen & Company is a progressive and technology-driven surveying, mapping, and geospatial services company with teams supporting the needs of clients across the United States and Internationally. The company employs more than 130 professionals across multiple competencies with Professional Surveyors and Mappers (PSMs), Certified Surveying Technicians (CSTs), FAA-licensed drone pilots, CAD operators, Reality Capture techs, and Geospatial Specialists who provide a complete range of Aerial, Land Surface, Subterranean, and Hydrographic surveying, mapping, geospatial, and reality capture solutions. 

About Nexus 3D Consulting

Founded in 2016, Nexus 3D Consulting is a leading West Coast-based Land Surveying firm renowned for its specialized focus on reality capture services. Seamlessly integrating survey, laser scanning, UAV, point clouds, and as-built modeling into projects, their expertise covers a diverse range of industries. With a commendable portfolio of over 600 projects across 40 states and several countries, Nexus 3D has carved a global niche in reality capture services. At the heart of its operations are three core values: precision, integrity, and service. These principles define the company’s approach and commitment to clients.


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