Airspace Link Team Granted Contract Award in Gov. Whitmer’s Announcement of New Statewide and Cross Border Advanced Air Mobility Solutions

by | Jan 11, 2022

DETROIT– Airspace Link, Inc., the leading North American provider of data, software and managed services to enable the safe, scalable use of drones, is collaborating on a first-of-its kind technology initiative created by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and multiple economic development partners in Michigan and Ontario, Canada.

Airspace Link received the award from the Michigan Department of Transportation to provide an analysis of the economic and community impacts, as well as the existing airspace, air traffic infrastructure, and ground infrastructure required to ensure operational safety of advanced commercial drone flights in new shared use air mobility corridors. Airspace Link’s AirHub Insights software, data and services will be foundational in performing the risk analysis to inform the safety case that will be used to support advanced operational approvals from the FAA.

AirHub™ Insights utilizes over 50 robust authoritative data sets, including Esri GIS data, from federal, state, local governments and proprietary third parties, and turns it into the knowledge government, private operators and end users require. Those insights are ultimately transformed into actionable data sets to inform planning, decision making and operations ensuring that UAS activities are safe, legal and in harmony with the community.

Airspace Link has assembled a strong team which includes Thales, a leading provider of airspace management and air traffic control systems, CityFi, a consulting and advisory group with expertise in transportation planning, Northern Plains UAS Test Site, an FAA approved test range for advanced UAS operations, Grand Sky Development Company, an economic and real estate development organization specializing in aviation parks for UAS, and Aviation Innovations, a consulting company with expertise in international aviation. This team will provide a comprehensive analysis leveraging Airspace Link’s data services, software and technology, and subject domain experts that will inform the State of Michigan’s strategy and approach to establishing this Air Mobility corridor. The study will consider potential economic impacts, applicable state and local zoning restrictions, environmental factors (like social equity and noise considerations), travel and transportation network impacts.

“Cross-border partnership is critical across all dimensions of mobility, including aerial systems. Michigan and Ontario have a rich history of partnering on groundbreaking innovations and this project by Airspace Link continues that tradition,” said Gov. Whitmer. “Considering the density of auto suppliers, logistic companies, technology start-ups, and consumers in the region, it is a natural fit to test this cutting-edge aerial technology here. The vital research could lead to faster product deliveries and reduced supply chain disruptions in the future, helping us grow Michigan’s economy and put Michiganders first.” 

The newly formed partnership with Airspace Link and their team, will develop a feasibility analysis as a first step to establish infrastructure required to support a range of commercial and public advanced air mobility use cases.

“We knew Michigan would be a great place to start our business with its deep roots in mobility and have continued to see extraordinary growth for our business in this state,” said Michael Healander, CEO of Airspace Link. “The willingness to embrace new technology and advancements from both the public and private sectors has been critical in fueling our success and placing Michigan as a top choice for these types of technology pilots and new infrastructure.”

Last year Airspace Link announced it completed a $10 million series A capital raise with Altos Ventures, an early-stage investor based in the Bay Area, as well as Thales, the leading provider of air traffic management systems which manage 40% of the world’s airspace, and a global technology leader with operations in more than 68 countries. 

The company is led by CEO Michael Healander along with founding members Ana Healander and Daniel Bradshaw, who grew the Detroit-based team to 32 full-time staff in the last year and has developed partnerships with over forty-five government agencies and municipalities in the United States to implement Airspace Link’s AirHub™ platform for drone infrastructure.

About Airspace Link, Inc:

Airspace Link’s vision is to create a world where the safe integration of drones fuels human progress, advancing social equity, the environment, and the economy. Founded in Detroit in 2018 by CEO Michael Healander, Airspace Link is one of the few FAA Approved UAS Service Suppliers of the Low Altitude Authorization & Notification Capability (LAANC). Airspace Link’s cloud-based platform, AirHub™, provides the digital infrastructure required to support the safe use of recreational and commercial drone use in communities at scale, supporting the growth of drone operations, drone service providers, drone manufacturers, package delivery, and air taxi deployment in the future. Visit


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