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December 17, 2013
Aibotix Brings Worlds’ First Private Sharing of Drone Photography to the Market

Kassel, Germany, Dec. 17, 201—Aibotix announces a partnership with Cooliris, leader in creating media experiences for mobile and web consumers, to bring a brand new consumer sharing experience for drone photography. This will be the first consumer photo application to integrate with drones. Using the Cooliris mobile app, consumer will be able to view and share drone photos and videos in real-time on their iPad and iPhone in a 3D Wall.

“We’re excited to partner with Cooliris and introduce their fast mobile photo experience to our customers,” said Joerg Lamprecht, Founder and CEO from Aibotix.

Using Aibotix’s next generation multicopter, the Aibot X6, which has a built-in camera mount, and Cooliris Groups, consumers will be able to capture otherwise inaccessible aerial angles of landscapes, inspection of power lines, photovoltaic systems or bridge facilities, or mapping tasks, and share them with private groups as the moments unfold.

The Aibot X6 is an ultra-modern air robot which is easy to fly and has a high degree of robotics; an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) unique to its kind. The intelligent, flying board has been developed with the latest multi-rotor technology. The Aibot X6 offers countless applications through various sensors. With the help of digital SLR cameras Aibot X6 can take high-resolution images and video recordings. It can produce professional SLR images with excellent quality and spectacular detail, which make it ideal for analytical applications of any kind.

“Drone photography has often been used for professional and commercial purposes,” said Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO and co-founder. “What our partnership with Aibotix will bring is a very accessible and enriched way for the everyday consumer to capture and privately share amazing aerial photos and videos with their friends and groups.”

Consumers would also be able to use the Aibot X6 to easily capture photos at a party or event, instead of being preoccupied with taking photos themselves and missing the action. With the private Cooliris group experience, the photos could be automatically shared into the group so that those not in attendance would be able to experience the event as if they were there.

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