Aerial Services Purchases New LiDAR Sensor and Camera

by | Jan 22, 2016

As the advances in LiDAR technology and applications continue to drive a rapid increase in market value, Aerial Services has been committed to bringing those new capabilities to our clients. Beginning in 2012, with the purchase of a high-density corridor scanner and now in 2016 with the purchase of a Leica ALS70 Airborne LiDAR Sensor and the RCD30 Camera, Aerial Services is capable of taking on any project, large or small. The new equipment will allow ASI to more efficiently collect large areas, while maintaining the highest degree of quality that ASI has prided itself in for nearly 50 years.

With Leica Geosystems˜ trusted reputation and 200 years of experience producing geospatial solutions, Aerial Services did not hesitate to purchase their products and take advantage of their exceptional training course. Last week, Aerial Services' Sensor Operators, LiDAR Specialists, and Pilots went through Leica's extensive hands-on training for the new airborne LiDAR system and camera. Aerial Services is now prepared to take on more projects!

Please contact us at 319-277-0436319-277-0436 FREE or through our website contact form if you are interested in utilizing our expertise in geospatial solutions!

For more information about Leica's products and services, check out their website.


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