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March 21, 2016
Advanced Wave Processing for OceanWise’s Port-Log

OceanWise has recently added an advanced wave processing algorithm to its online environmental data sharing and publishing system, Port-Log. The algorithm has been developed by a market leading provider of waves processing software to the oil and gas industry. OceanWise’s MD, Dr Mike Osborne, said “It was important for us to implement a system that was already proven and could provide continuity and consistency to organisations wishing to extend a long-term data record or compare their measurements with modelled data or data processed by proprietary systems. This new capability allows users to browse and view wave parameters, such as directional spectra, and partitioned time series, in real-time or historically, alongside other environmental datasets contained within the Port-Log system.”

Port-Log is already processing real time data streams from a range of industry standard instruments, including directional wave buoys, downward looking radars, and upward looking pressure and motion (puv) recorders. The system utilises the raw and/or partly processed data from the sensor or multiple sensors, then extracts, transforms and loads it to Port-Log’s backend data storage system, Ocean Database. Here the wave data can be combined with other environmental parameters where available. Historical datasets can be processed and stored making Port-Log an ideal long-term storage and web based display option. Port-Log is totally instrument independent and can accept data from multiple sensors from a range of different manufacturers such as Datawell, Nortek, RBR, RS Aqua, Teledyne RDI and Valeport.

About OceanWise

OceanWise Ltd is an independent company specialising in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data and knowledge management and GIS. In addition to providing cloud based and locally installed data sharing and publishing systems for environmental monitoring, we offer:

* Marine Data Strategies, Management Systems and Training

* Intelligent Marine Mapping Data including Raster Charts and Marine Themes datasets

* GIS and GIS Productivity Tools (Maritime Toolbar and Workflow Extensions)

For more information about how OceanWise can assist you improve your environmental and spatial data management capacity and capabilities, please contact Mr John Pepper, Marketing Director, on or visit

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