AAPG and VWORLD Partnering to Develop Digital Immersive Geosciences Platform

by | Sep 9, 2016

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and VWORLD have created the first interactive digital publishing medium to deliver immersive, in-depth training opportunities for geoscientists.

“Currently AAPG offers technical journals in traditional formats. With Digital Immersive Geosciences (DIG) we are launching the first interactive digital publishing medium in the geoscience community,” said Jim Blankenship, Geoscience Director for AAPG.

“Imagine sitting at your desk and being able to see, study, and experience rocks, outcrops, and geologic formations that are thousands of miles away,” he said. “Partnering with VWORLD has enabled us to take that next step and use the latest technology to develop a true, immersive experience.”

A software development company based in France, VWORLD will develop, design, launch and maintain the platform application built on their vieWTerra Evolution 4D real-time Earth Viewer software. VWORLD specializes in 3D real-time terrain visualization for simulation, training, situational awareness, navigation aid, command and control, crisis management or landscape planning needs.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with AAPG which gives us a tremendous occasion to showcase our vieWTerra Evolution 4D Globe Viewer to the worldwide Geoscience community at large, and expand our reach to global clients in the Oil & Gas sector, declared Vincent Pourieux, President and CEO of VWORLD. The underlying technology behind vieWTerra is procedural, and that will impart the DIG application with an unprecedented degree of immersion and realism in the 3D landscapes produced.”

According to Jerry Jefferis, AAPG project manager for the DIG program, “VWORLD was a logical fit for the partnership based on their GIS and Simulation software experience across multiple industries.”

“This software is the new standard for future geoscience publishing and Field Trips,” added Blankenship. “A normal field trip involves field descriptions, maps, photos, and publications in a 2D setting. DIG uses existing technology to create a collection of virtual field trips. This allows a researcher, practitioner, teacher, or student the opportunity of not only a virtual visit to the field location, but to move around and view the geography and geology in a spatially oriented sense. Similarly, it allows full immersion in journal publications with user able to review and inspect those in a true 3D spatial environment rather than conventional “flat” electronic or paper journal manuscripts,” Blankenship concluded.

The DIG software is fully customizable and can be loaded with an individual company’s outcrop data sets to create a desktop or tablet application resulting in a friendly, interactive, immersive application that is simple to use. “When it’s released next year, the DIG software will contain several outcrop studies designated as Outcrops that Change the way we Practice Petroleum Geology,” said Jefferis. “Llucmajor in Mallorca and the Sierra Del Cuera in Asturias, Spain are two of the defining outcrops included in the software.”

The DIG application was conceptualized by a dedicated group of 15 international geospatial experts and end-users from the geoscience community (AAPG ad-hoc committee) and the prototype was introduced to rave reviews at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) held recently in Calgary.

Industry participation is key to the success of this program; therefore, AAPG is seeking industry participation and financial support.

The next live demonstration is slated for the Geological Society of America (GSA) meeting 25-28 September, in Denver. The full release will be unveiled at AAPG’s Centennial Convention in Houston 2-5, April 2017.


VWORLD SAS is a software development company, specialized in 3D real-time terrain visualization, which has built itself around the commercialization of the VWorldTerrain© proprietary real-time 3D procedural terrain rendering technology. It publishes its own line of software and terrain database products grouped under the vieWTerra label:

  • vieWTerra Evolution 4D Earth Viewer, data integration and development platform
  • vieWTerra Base 15m true-color Imagery, 90m DEM, 29m Land Cover global mosaics
  • vieWTerra Sensors 4D Earth Viewer dedicated to multi-sensor simulation

VWORLD was formed in May 2004 on the basis of years of research pursued in the Video Game industry on how to render large outdoor scenes in real-time 3D. VWORLD today counts customers in the Aeronautics, Space & Defense, Town & Country Planning, Oil & Gas and Education sectors, including world-renowned contractors.

To learn more about VWORLD visit www.vworld.fr.


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