Earth Imaging Journal is a bimonthly magazine comprising content crafted to satisfy novice through professional. Columns and articles written by industry professionals, researchers and staff illuminate the broad band of applications, products and processes that are shaping the international Earth imaging market.

Content ranges from introductory material to advanced technical discussion on a range of topics, including the latest advances in geospatial technology. In addition to being engaging, educational, newsworthy and useful, Earth Imaging Journal content is presented to the reader in an attractive, highly visual format with striking Earth images throughout its pages, including satellite images, airborne images and LiDAR images.

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Earth Imaging Journal’s senior staff members represent 70 years of combined experience covering the geospatial industry. John Hafnor, John Hughes, Darin Sanders and Jeff Specht came together in Fort Collins, Colo., during the early 1990s at GIS World Inc., the world’s first major publisher in the geospatial arena.

Following rewarding careers there, the four launched Earth Imaging Journal in 2004, with the vision that one day everyone will enjoy the benefits and understand the value of Earth images. That vision now is coming to fruition. Consider that hundreds of millions of visitors have been exposed to Google Earth, when not too long ago most of them likely had never even seen a satellite image, other than on a weather map.

In 2011 we embark on our eighth year of bimonthly publication. As always, we promise to do our best to provide content that’s engaging, educational, newsworthy and useful. We’d like to know how you’re using Earth images—drop us a line!

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Earth Imaging Journal Staff
John Hughes
Editorial Director
John Hafnor
Global Accounts Director

Darin Sanders
Art Director