Bolster Incident Management and Mass Notification

by | Apr 12, 2012

Buffalo Computer Graphics Delivers Large-Scale, High-Capacity Solutions

An alert screen from NY-Alert, a mass notification system designed by BCG, shows weather-related road closures.

Buffalo Computer Graphics Inc. (BCG) is a global provider of geographic information systems, crisis incident management and mass notification solutions, maritime training simulation systems, and custom engineered products. As a veteran-owned U.S. small business, we have served private sector and government customers with superior products, solutions, and support for more than 30 years, including custom software and hardware applications for a variety of market sectors.

BCG's expertise is in developing and deploying large-scale, high-capacity, high-availability custom mass notification solutions. Our experience creating custom interfaces, integrating with third-party systems, and delivering cutting edge standards-based solutions set us apart from other solution providers. While we specialize in custom installations, we also provide COTS and hosted solutions for customers who do not require or have access to the infrastructure necessary to support a large-volume mass notification or critical incident management solution.


Mass Notification Solutions

One of BGC's flagship projects is the NY-Alert mass notification system, which was originally designed and implemented for the New York State Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (see NY-Alert Powers Statewide Warning System, page 10). Thanks to its scalability and power, NY-Alert has expanded beyond simply providing life safety alerts. The system now provides weather, traffic, sex offender relocation, power outage, AMBER, and consumer safety alerts, as well as statewide press releases.

More than 63 state universities now use the system to provide notifications or emergency alerts to their enrolled students. Multiple public and private organizations, including police and fire agencies, use NY-Alert's private notification group tools to deliver special instructions to their local responders about emergency situations.

With its newest release, NY-Alert expanded into the free mobile app market with an iPhone application called iAlertz. The app adds a channel through which NY-Alert can disseminate alert notifications directly to smartphone users. The app also has an on-the-go local emergency contact information lookup service, which provides accurate police, fire, and utility contact information based on the user's current location. NY-Alert private notification group users can also use iAlertz to send alert notifications or information updates directly from their smartphone.


Incident Management Solutions

DisasterLAN is an Incident Command System (ICS)- based and National Incident Management System (NIMS)-compliant, Web-based crisis management solution for use in any emergency operation center. Built around the unique workflow requirements of the emergency management community, DisasterLAN provides users with a complete toolset for managing incidents of any size.

DisasterLAN excels at helping emergency managers comply with the mandates of NIMS and ICS by  improving interagency and interjurisdictional communications and coordination; tracking and managing mission and asset requests; triaging informational reports; developing and sharing a common operational picture; and maintaining situational awareness through alerts, status boards, and GIS mapping.

Since its inception in the late 1990s, DisasterLAN has gained wide acceptance in both the public and private sector. The solution's flexible configuration allows it to be fine-tuned to meet the unique workflow requirements of our customers, whether a public utility, hospital, corporate command center, or government emergency management office.

BCG engineers design superior products and offer outstanding service tailored to our customer's needs. Our long list of clients includes the U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard, as well as local and state agencies across the country. Our continued corporate growth and profitability is a direct result of delivering high-quality products and providing exceptional service and support after the sale.



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