Supergeo Adds Image Analyzer

by | Mar 17, 2016

Supergeo has added the Image Analyzer on the upcoming SuperGIS Desktop 10, which will provide greater convenience for GIS users to process raster data. Image Analyzer can integrate raster data and needed tools to simplify the manipulation. Therefore, GIS users can reduce the time spending on searching tools and doing repeated operation, which can hugely improve efficiency.

Designed for processing images, Image Analyzer integrates all commonly used functions for raster data such as clip, masking, filtering, Pan-sharpening, calculating difference, bands combination and NDVI, delivering a smoother operating experience. Also, with Image Analyzer, it is possible to select multiple images and adjust how they display or resample at the same time. After processing the data, it will generate a temporary file, and you can export the data on the same interface. Accordingly, Image Analyzer can do all the related works of raster data from displaying, resampling, and processing to data export.

And for an even more fluent raster data processing, Supergeo is now developing further capabilities. For example, now users can only access raster data by a geodatabase, and in the future, an attribute table for raster data will enable users to edit data more directly. We are also eager to improve the processing speed of raster data, so that the spatial analyzing function will be more completed. For receiving the latest news of Supergeo, please stay tuned to our

Want to experience the Image Analyzer? SuperGIS Desktop 10 Beta has already covered its functions.


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