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March 10, 2015
service-drone Presents the MULTIROTOR G4 Recon One

March 10, 2015—service-drone is one of the European market leader in the section of unmanned remote controlled micro-drones for photo-flight and survey industries. On this year’s international trade fair for police and military equipment ENFORCE TAC 2015 on 4 and 5 March, the hi-tech company from Berlin presented his products for the defense and security industry for the first time.

The newest MULTIROTOR product is called “Recon one” and is the logical development from many years of UAV–construction and typical customer requirements. The main targets were a low noise emission and a terrific flight time from up to 90 minutes depending on loading and deployment concept. This is possible due to the latest drive dimensioning. Unusual is the outstandingly stable flight position of the MULTIROTOR Recon one that is not yet known from other comparable products with slowly turning rotors. Crucial is the unique and award-winning MULTIROTOR flight control of the 4. generation that can correct the flight position 512 times per second. Due to this, flight missions are possible even in bad weather conditions. The handling is very simple and safe. As camera sensors, individual high performance RGB-zoom cameras and infrared or thermal imaging detector are possible.

Besides the Recon One the already proven flight systems MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle and the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot were also shown to the very interested trade audience. “The great interest on the part of the special forces of police and army proved us right that the executive forces have a high demand for modern, intelligent, small and economically priced reconnaissance and investigation devices”, assured general manager Oliver Knittel.

The small and easily manoeuvrable UAV’s can reach indeed so far unreached terrain and can provide valuable information about e.g. a crime scene or serious road accident or can help to end hostage-taking as safe as possible.


Founded in March 2011 by Volker Rosenblatt and Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Knittel, the company quickly became the market leader in the area of professional flying cameras for civilian applications with now over 400 flight systems sold. In spring 2013 service-drone acquired its competitor MULTIROTOR and immediately started the new development of a flight control that went into series manufacturing beginning 2014. In autumn 2014 the company won the ARTIE Innovation Price 2014 with its new developed MULTIROTOR G4 flight control and successfully took the lead of innovative industrial applications with the also new developed MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot. For further branches like agriculture or logistic product solutions are in development.

Today service-drone counts 20 employees and freelance worker in Berlin and Buchholz near Hamburg. Since May 2014 the manufacture in Buchholz is situated ideally in the newly founded ISI center for technology and innovations.

With an annual turnover of about two million Euros and a five-digit record balance sheet profit for the year 2014 all aims of the last year were reached. For the running year the company plans the international expansion.

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