Sentera Launches Revolutionary Fixed-Wing Phoenix 2 Imaging UAV

by | Jun 10, 2016

Minneapolis, Minn., June 9, 2016”Sentera, LLC, a global provider of UAV hardware, sensors and data management platforms, brings a whole new level of control to users with the Phoenix 2 FixedWing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), launched today. The Phoenix 2 is lightweight and highly durable, and may be the most precise drone available today.

The Phoenix 2 brings a level of precision and accuracy to UAVs that hasn't been seen before, said Todd Colten, chief aerospace engineer for Sentera. Users can now collect highly detailed data quickly, and with complete certainty about its accuracy. Colten went on to describe the professionalgrade autopilot:

The grid pattern you specify is mapped preflight. The drone knows exactly what line to follow to get the exact looping radius, and the exact flight level needed for perfect tiling.

At only four pounds, the Phoenix 2 is easily handlaunched in just a few steps, and can carry multiple sensor options for up to an hour of flight time. The professionalgrade autopilot is part of what makes the precision possible. It constantly autocalculates and autooptimizes according to the grid pattern specified to ensure the data collected meets exact specifications.

Growers are using the Phoenix 2 with agriculture-specific sensors to collect RGB, NIR, and NDVI imagery. That imagery is so precise “ [the growers] tell us they're targeting and treating specific parts of their fields, and then they're using fewer chemicals, saving money and increasing yields, continued Colten. Follow-up flights can be programmed to use the same pattern for exact data comparison at multiple times throughout the growing season. We're getting great feedback from our customers.

Game-Changing Attributes

Payload Solutions: The Phoenix 2 is a highlyversatile UAV that accepts multiple sensors, including the Sentera Double 4K Sensor, providing true RGB and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data in a single flight. The Sentera Quad Sensor, a multi-spectral six-band imager with red edge capabilities is also popular in agriculture applications. Other compatible mapping sensors include the SenteraQ for highresolution orthomaps and the Radiometric Thermal Sensor, which quickly builds highresolution true temperature maps. Sentera also offers EO and IR gimbaled payloads for live video public safety missions.

Precision: Up to a 60minute endurance and cruise speed of 30 mph, the Phoenix 2 is capable of covering broad areas that other UAVs of the same size cannot. The highly reliable and accurate Kestrel™ OnBoard autopilot ensure images are captured with precise, even spacing and overlap that is auto-calculated and can be adjusted by the user at the click of a button.

Ease-of-Use: Effortlessly handlaunched in just a few steps, the fourpound Phoenix 2 flies autonomously on a predetermined flight pattern that can be updated during flight by accessing the easytouse ground station software. Upon completion, the Phoenix 2 automatically returns to safely land.

End-to-End Solution: The Phoenix 2 includes the aircraft, ground station, transportation cases, batteries, chargers, and software with multiple training options available. Sentera offers a wide variety of sensors, ensuring every application has the perfect imagery solution. Sentera's AgVault™ and OnTop™ Open Software Platforms manage the multitude of images and data collected during flight, and allow nearreal time reading and analysis of the data, including working with other data sources via APIs. 

Visit to learn more about Sentera's Phoenix 2 UAV.

About Sentera

Sentera is a leading designer, developer, and manufacturer of software, sensors, and UAVs in the agriculture, infrastructure, and public safety industries. Sentera has more than 200 years of combined experience with sensors, software, UAVs, data management, and engineering solutions. In a single growing season, Sentera's equipment collected 15,500,000 million images from 16,640,000 acres and gathered 175 terabytes of data from 8,000 of flights. Learn more about Sentera at


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