Parrot Debuts Fixed-wing DISCO Drone at CES 2016

by | Jan 6, 2016

Parrot worked with SenseFly to develop a lightweight fixed-wing imaging drone that they have debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. The Disco is a fast, smart, ultra-light drone with around a 45-minute fly time.

The Disco connects to the Parrot ecosystem through Wi-Fi and you pilot it with the Skycontroller or the Flight Plan app using the embedded GPS for waypoints.

Disco inherits the 3-axis digital stabilization of the Bebop drone camera. This drone takes off and lands automatically for completely renewed user experience and soft, safe landings.

From the company’s Blog post:

At any time, Disco can go into Loiter mode and orbit around a point of interest. Compatible with immersive glasses (FPV), flying Disco will make you feel like a falcon with incredible speed and precision.

The front nose camera captures FullHD 1080P imagery. It has automatic take-off and landing. It also has detachable wings for easy transport.

Parrot plans to make the DISCO available later this year.


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