Intergraph Unveils Damage Assessment Solution

by | Feb 2, 2015

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Feb. 2, 2015”Utilities can better manage restoration activities following storms with Intergraph®'s new Damage Assessment solution. The solution optimizes storm management by automating the collection of storm-related damage to utility assets and enabling utilities to make immediate, informed decisions on a restoration plan.

Intergraph's Damage Assessment automates restoration workflows, making after-storm management more efficient. The solution provides tools for strategic planning, field data collection and real-time analysis. Importantly, it is built on industry standards, enabling it to work with any outage management system (OMS) or geographic information system (GIS).

Utilities need intuitive resources to help manage the complex environment following major storms, said Hank DiPietro, vice president and general manager, utilities and communications, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. Intergraph Damage Assessment integrates damage assessment into the outage management process and provides timely information allowing the utility to plan, prioritize and respond in order to restore power as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible.

The Damage Assessment solution starts from the war room dashboard where storm supervisors can view outage and crew locations on a spatial map and develop a strategy by assigning assessment areas to be investigated. Then trained field personal can leverage the tablet solution to note specifics of the damage at each location. Progress is tracked in real time with analysis tools in the dashboard, helping utilities to prioritize restoration areas and get the lights on faster than ever before.

The field solution leverages web services so assessors can use lightweight tablets to view GIS information that resides on servers at the office. Often, the damage is so severe that it is difficult to determine where the utility assets were located. By using the device's GPS location and the GIS information, assessors can determine and document what needs to be replaced.  The solution can build a list of materials, allowing warehouse personnel to load construction materials for the crews.

The most vital aspect of the solution is the integration with any outage management system.  Submitted damage reports can be automatically associated with known outages. A dispatcher can quickly view specifics of the damage and review related images, helping them to ensure all damage is repaired prior to sending out the restoration crews.

Using the timely damage assessment information provided by the solution, utilities can quickly gain a comprehensive picture of the damage, and identify and prioritize storm-affected areas. The data provided also assists in staffing and materials planning and helps the utility provide customers with the most accurate information about damage and restoration times.

Intergraph announced the debut of the Damage Assessment solution at the DistibuTECH Conference and Exhibition. Intergraph solutions have aided more than 600 utilities and communications companies around the world. For more information, visit

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