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June 17, 2015
ClearTerra Announces the Release of LocateXT 1.2

Hanover, Md., June 17, 2015—ClearTerra today announced the latest release in their flagship LocateXT product line.   LocateXT Version 1.2 is debuting at the GEOINT 2015 Symposium being held22-25 June in Washington, DC.  LocateXT software discovers place names, geocoordinates, and other critical information within unstructured data and places it instantly into common geospatial applications such as Esri ArcGIS platforms, Google Earth, and Open Source.

LocateXT technology rapidly scans unstructured textual data and transforms location information into structured spatial output for GIS and other spatial viewing platforms.  Along with robust geocoordinate recognition and identification of user-defined place names, other critical information is extracted such as contextual data, custom keyword search/tagging, temporal information, and more.  Many types of unstructured documents, files, and even social media content can be processed with the results sent directly to desktop, server, or cloud-based geospatial platforms.

The latest release builds upon the existing ability to extract and map geocoordinates and place names by greatly expanding the speed and scalability of the Custom Locations module—giving users unprecedented power and control in finding place names.  Fuzzy search options have also been included as well as the ability to share custom gazetteers (place name databases) and keyword search profiles with other LocateXT users.

In addition, LocateXT technology is now available as an Application Programming Interface (API) giving developers and integrators the ability to harness the power of LocateXT in their own applications and workflows.

ArcGIS for Server users will be able to leverage the 1.2 technology in the form of a completely updated and enhanced LocateXT ArcGIS for Server Tool product.  This product provides the ability to publish automated custom workflows by incorporating LocateXT capabilities into geoprocessing services that can be accessed from multiple types of geospatial clients, including lightweight, browser-based web mapping applications.

“We continue to be very excited about providing even greater geospatial extraction capability and platform flexibility in our LocateXT product line.  Our customers’ investment in LocateXT technology has saved them countless hours of manual labor, allowing analysts to focus their time on value-added activities,” said Jeff Wilson, Vice President of Sales for ClearTerra.

About ClearTerra

ClearTerra specializes in geospatial software product development, custom software development, technical services, consulting, and training.  We are focused on the user interface and user experience of our technologies and committed to helping our customers solve difficult problems with proven technology that is commercially-delivered.  ClearTerra is a business unit of ClearShark, LLC. ClearTerra: Start with text…Finish with maps!

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