Spain Will Hold “Expodronica,” the First International Trade Show for Civil Drones

by | Apr 13, 2015

Saragossa, April 9, 2015”Spain will be hosting the first trade show on civil drones on 24th and 25th of September this year. Expodronica will be held in the city of Saragossa, becoming the leading trade show in a sector, which is expected to triple its market size over the next five years.

Spain is one of the fastest growing emerging markets for civil drone development. Before the end of 2015, new air standards will allow a tripling of the market size and the development of new business applications, as has happened before in other countries. In France, more than 600 new drone companies were created within the two years following implementation of new air standards.

Both European and Spanish markets forecast a huge growth in the Drones sector, with broad applications in multiple sectors such as:

  • Industry (pipelines, industrial facilities, power lines and wind towers)
  • Transport (inspections and surveillance of railway, road network and river systems)
  • Construction and Infrastructures inspection
  • Precision Farming
  • Safety and emergencies
  • Professional Photography and video
  • And more [email protected]

Saragossa, an ideal location Expodronica will be held in Saragossa Fair, an ideal location for organising exhibitions, conferences, workshops, networking and open-air demonstrations, all under one roof.

In Saragossa Fair the event will reach a large number of the drone target audience of stakeholders, giving them the opportunity to meet thousands of professionals and amateurs to help them grow their business. A unique chance to see the latest technological developments Expodronica will feature a mix of exhibition area, a symposium, business meetings and a speaker's corner where the exhibitors will introduce their latest technologies in an up-to-10 minute talk. In this way, Expodronica will be the first chance for both manufacturers and users to face new technological challenges and the development of breakthrough applications.

A Growing Sector The European Union, now working on a common act for the use of drones in the European Airspace, estimates that in the next ten years 10% of the turnover in the aviation industry will come from Civil Drone manufacturing. The Drone Industry will be worth over 15 billion euros a year.

On the other hand, the United States estimates that Drone industry will create more than 100.000 jobs in the next five years, achieving a turnover of $98 billion in the next decade.


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