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April 29, 2015
Sewall’s Tinia Graham Certified as Photogrammetrist by ASPRS

May 2, 2015—Sewall is pleased to announce that Senior Digital Imaging Technician Tinia Graham has passed the written examination and all other requirements for initial certification as a Certified Photogrammetrist (CP) through the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).  Mrs. Graham’s achievement will strengthen Sewall’s imaging and mapping capabilities.

At least six years of experience in photogrammetry, with three of those years spent in a position of professional responsibility, are among the requirements for CP certification. Mrs. Graham has twelve years of experience at Sewall assisting in all aspects of photogrammetry, including analytical stereoplotting, softcopy work stations, and DAT/EM software collections, as well as orthoimagery production, from the initial QA/QC of captured imagery to airborne GPS/IMU data processing, orthophoto and mosaic creation, and final product delivery. She is particularly skilled at performing survey control checks and validation processes. Mrs. Graham is part of Sewall’s DAT/EM workflow process team, where she researches and validates methods of collection for different mapping scales.

Certified Photogrammetrists can officially sign off on photogrammetric work, which assures clients that products are of high quality and that the ASPRS Code of Ethics has been followed. They can validate flight layouts and control points to ensure that aerial imagery, airborne GPS/IMU data, ground control, flight lines, and aerotriangulation results can meet the required project accuracies. Mrs. Graham joins Sewall’s professionally certified photogrammetrist team.

David T. Edson, President/CEO of Sewall, states, “It’s wonderful to see individuals taking the initiative to receive professional accreditation. It speaks well for the individual, and Sewall is happy and proud to support these efforts.”

About Sewall: Founded in 1880, Sewall is an international professional consulting organization specializing in energy, infrastructure and natural resources. The company’s diverse portfolio is based on 135 years' experience in surveying, forest appraisal and civil engineering; 65 years' in remote sensing; and 30 years' in GIS and application development. For information, please visit

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