OmniEarth Partners with Ball Aerospace on Instruments for 18 Satellites

by | Nov 11, 2014


Ball Aerospace workers built DigitalGlobe's WorldView-3 Earth observation satellite in Boulder, Colo.

OmniEarth is partnering with Ball Aerospace for a planned constellation of 18 Earth observation satellites, according to an interview published by Forbes last week. The interview with OmniEarth CEO Lars Dyrud detailed the satellite instrument arrangement with a goal for consistent 16-foot resolution imagery with 124-mile-wide swaths that will provide a daily refresh of the planet.

OmniEarth launched its plans last spring with news the company is working with Harris, Draper Laboratory and Dynetics. OmniEarth is in the process of raising $25 million in funding for the project.

Ball Aerospace brings considerable satellite expertise to the organization, having successfully developed Earth observation sensors for Landsat 8 and DigitalGlobe's WorldView satellites. 

OmniEarth calls itself an information company, with the daily refresh key to its business model. The plan is for all the OmniEarth satellites to be launched and deployed by 2018.

Read the article in Forbes here


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