The First Multi-Band Landsat-8 Mosaic over Australia Released

by | Jan 4, 2016

The latest off-the-shelf Landsat-8 mosaic, L8M Australia, has just been released by Geoshepherds. Global users can now purchase the product from the Geoshepherds website and download the imagery from Dropbox. Along with providing current imagery from 2013 to 2015, L8M Australia boasts some new features not seen before in a large-scale mosaic product, allowing for wider applicability and great value for money.

Pansharpened to 15m and seamlessly mosaiced, users can now enjoy an enhanced spatial resolution product with L8M Australia. The uniform appearance covering a large area provides a consistent backdrop for GIS as well as for users who manage a regional or country-wide project. The enhanced spatial resolution from pansharpening improves the extraction of features and increases detail over urban areas.

With L8M Australia, users get access to the 7-multispectral bands (Coastal, Blue, Green, Red, NIR, SWIR1, SWIR2) Landsat-8 has to offer. By doing so, users have the freedom to make the most of the rich data available to them allowing spectral analysis with indices or through band combinations. This additional use of the L8M Australia product means you can visualise and disseminate information you may not see in the true colour product.

Through extensive processing L8M Australia is free of clouds, live bushfires and fire scars to provide an unobstructed view of the land area. This provides a clean and distraction free backdrop for mapping as well as improving the quality of spectral analysis with the 7-band product.

To improve the user experience further, the mosaic has been clipped to the coastline and vector shapefiles for cutlines and tiles are included. This means that the product is free of unwanted ocean artefacts and can also be merged with bathymetry data. The supporting vector files provide users with context for dates of capture and the tile extents of the product. 

Geoshepherds are a GIS and remote sensing consultancy currently based in Sweden. The L8M project has been developed to provide an imagery mosaic utilising the spectral capabilities of Landsat-8 and provide a current basemap for the user community. With prior industry experience in Australia, this is the first country to be completed. Further additions to the L8M suite are planned for 2016. Follow Geoshepherds on Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know.

Read more about the product and how to purchase here:


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